People are naturally adventurous and after receiving numerous enquiries about the possibility of working abroad as a nanny in Australia and New Zealand, Kinder set about developing partnerships with fellow Australian and New Zealand agencies who, just as in the UK, have a strong demand for good nannies and a penchant for European and British nannies.

Going to work in Australia or New Zealand as a nanny for a year or more (if you're lucky) is an amazing experience. You won't have any difficulty with language, as they speak English too, but the culture and the countries are very different. Australia and New Zealand are also very different to each other, and each tends to attract a particular person, or someone who is looking for a particular experience.

Our friends over there are pretty relaxed, very friendly and enjoy life outdoors, thanks to the weather, which is kinder to them than to us here in the UK! Many live close to the beach and or have their own pool and often cook outside. It's an amazing opportunity to take your Nanny skills and put them to work on Aussie and Kiwi kids for a change!

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