Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship

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Hope for UK families looking to employ nannies from overseas.

If you are looking to employ a nanny from overseas, there is some hope as long as you (the family) have a helpful employer. As everyone is by now aware, the UK government’s introduction of the Skilled Worker visa, post Brexit, has barely helped anyone to hire an international nanny, as the conditions required for it are very restrictive. However, if you are one of the lucky ones then you may be able to arrange sponsorship for your ‘foreign’ nanny to work for you in the UK.

This potentially means you can employ your nanny from almost anywhere in the world, EU nannies, American nannies or Filipino nannies. The nannies need to meet the visa criteria.

The nanny must earn a minimum of £25,600 per year and be on a ‘market rate’ salary.

Nanny must have a good level of English, absolute minimum level of ‘B1’ in English.

Foreign nannies can only be sponsored to come and work in the UK by a company employer which has trading history. This means if you are a family with your own company then your company might be able to apply successfully for a sponsor licence and sponsor a nanny from Germany, USA, France etc.

It is also possible that the UK company you yourself are employed by applies for a sponsor licence and can then sponsor and employ a nanny who assists one of their top level directors (you!) with childcare, thus enabling the director to work full time for the company; thereby making money for the company and also increasing the companies corporate tax paid to the UK government.

Kinder Nannies works with a London business law firm which is helping families in both these ways to legitimately access visas in order to employ high calibre nannies from abroad. They work with the UK Home Office.

If you are a family and would like to discuss this with us, or directly with the legal team mentioned above, please get in touch for details.

If you are one of the (many) nannies looking for sponsorship, I’m afraid we cannot help. You will need to find a family who would be able to arrange for visa sponsorship. To these nannies, a note of caution, there are likely to be many scammers out there, do not pay up front for anything and if you do find a family who says they can sponsor your visa, make sure you go through a reputable UK Agency, which is a member of the Association of Nanny Agencies.

Visas are not needed by anyone who already has the right to work in the UK through the EU Settlement scheme and has either pre-settled or settled status.

There are also other visas nannies can apply for to come and work in the UK, such as the:

Youth Mobility Visa,

Ancestry Visa,

Graduate visa for UK.

UK remains completely open to Irish citizens; Irish citizens / Irish nannies do not need permission to live and work in the UK. No sponsorship or visas apply.

We source bilingual nannies (German nannies, French nannies, Italian etc) within the UK and those nannies who are currently living abroad, but who have previously lived in the UK and already have settled, pre-settled status or even British citizenship.

Get in touch today, to see how we can help you find an experienced European nanny for your family.

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As described above, this is an area where regulation is changing and evolving. The above article is understood to be accurate at the time of writing, and is the author's interpretation of the current visa situation. For up to date information, please inform yourself at or contact an immigration specialist.