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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Tutor, Governess, Governor

Let us find the perfect Tutor to educate your children. Simply tell us what you require and we will do the rest. Choose a Tutor / Governor agency which understands your needs and has a wide-reach to find you the very best tutor, who is best suited to your child and their needs.

If your children are slightly older, already have a nanny or you simply wish the focus to be on your children's education, then a Tutor Governess / Governor might be what you need.

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Our Tutor positions in the UK can be live in or live out. Our live- out positions are most commonly in London however our live in positions can be in London, the rest of the UK or internationally. Our tutors working overseas need to be offered accommodation as part of the package.

Our tutors are usually qualified primary or

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secondary school teachers with 3-25 years teaching experience who are looking to expand their experiences and skills by teaching in a different environment. Furthermore working exclusively with 1 child, or small number of children in a family can be extremely rewarding; versus teaching an entire class of 20-30 children where one cannot devote the necessary time to bring out in each child their full capability.

One to one teaching means that the tutor can educate at the pace of your child / children in the family, ensuring that everything has been properly understood before moving on to the next subject/ level. Gifted children also benefit greatly from a private tutor, as they can become easily bored when not mentally stretched. This can lead to boredom, agitation and bad behaviour in the brightest of  children.

The teaching and material, whilst following a set curriculum is highly tailored to the child and will ensure that the child reaches their maximum potential. Also with teaching being more focussed, it also allows for more time on other activities such as a child's sporting interests, music or other cultural pursuits.

International Tutoring

Many of our Tutors are looking for a position with a family overseas; it is an excellent way to progress in their career, gain experience whilst simultaneously enjoying working and living in a new country for a year or two or more! Popular destinations are Switzerland,  Dubai (UAE),  Russia, France and Germany.

We have tutors with native or close to native proficiency in English, French, German and many other languages. Tutors of maths and sciences too.

Whatever your tutoring needs are, we shall try to find you the most suited tutor. Whether full time or part time, live in or live out.

News! In the current 'covid/ corona virus' situation we have trained teachers and teaching assistants available to teach or help with your child's set homework remotely, online. Tutoring takes place via Zoom or Google Hangout, or any app which is safe and facilitates screen-sharing. It is 1 to 1 and takes place when you want. Find out more!

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