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A great housekeeper is worth their weight in gold! As a top housekeeper agency in London, we understand that having an amazing housekeeper, whom you can fully rely on, will mean the world to you. At Kinder Staff we go out of our way to help you select the very best, reliable, experienced and professional Housekeepers.

Our Kinder housekeepers can be employed as:

  • full time housekeepers, 35 to 50 hours per week.
  • live-in or live out housekeepers
  • Some of our housekeepers will also work at the employer's other homes, sometimes travelling abroad.
  • Our Housekeepers are introduced by Kinder Staff, then employed directly by you, on a permanent basis.

We offer payroll and pension through a 3rd party payroll specialist. Often the first year of monthly payroll being free!

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House Keepers for Hire

Thinking of Hiring a House-keeper?

In the UK we work more hours per week than other similar countries, in Europe and around the world. That coupled with often long daily commutes means we simply have less time at home. Once home, there are always a multitude of tasks to be completed and we simply do not have time to manage the home and cooking with so few 'spare' hours. Employing a cleaner does not give busy professional people the services and reliability they need, so more and more people are turning to full time housekeepers to help relieve stress and improve their lives. And why sacrifice your high flying career to stay on top of the washing and meal preparation when you can engage a competent, experienced housekeeper to do that for you?

As with anyone else, their experience in this work and success in previous positions, together with their own personal attributes will dictate their pay. A housekeeper is not the same as a nanny-housekeeper, and they understand their work to be fundamentally about the household, cleaning, tidying and preparation of meals. Some higher level housekeepers are able to take charge of organising a multi-staffed household and perform some PA (personal assistant) duties.

Normal housekeeper duties include:

  • Keeping the home clean and tidy
  • Cleaning or arranging the regular cleaning of oven, fridge, extractor fan etc.
  • Meal preparation for the employers, in accordance to their wishes and any dietary requirements or restrictions.
  • Washing & Ironing, small repairs to clothes
  • Caring for delicate materials, silks, woolen, fur.
  • Taking items to the Dry Cleaners & collecting.
  • Care of delicate surfaces, wooden flooring and marble surfaces, polishing of silver.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Ad hoc errands
  • Possibly overseeing of other occasional staff (eg. gardener)
  • Possibly some light pet care duties
  • Possibly occasional babysitting

Most of our Housekeepers have gained experience through training at top London hotels.

Housekeeper Pay Scale UK:

Depending on the housekeeper's skills, the job specifications and total hours per week a housekeeper in London could earn:

  • Live Out professional housekeeper - £16.00 - £20.00 Gross per hour
  • Live In Housekeeper - £13.00 - £16.00 Gross per hour

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