Rota Nannies provide continuous care and are popular with UHNW and VIP families. These are families who often run multi-staffed households and require full 24/7 cover. A Rota Nanny will share the position with at least one other rota nanny, as they are responsible for their charges day and night, until they hand-over to the 2nd Rota Nanny.

Nannies who choose to be rota nannies prefer this arrangement to the normal nanny position. They do not mind working 24/7 and they also value the periods when they are not on duty, as they can relax or do pursue their other interests.

Schedule of a Rota Nanny

A Rota Nanny's schedule is a pre-determined schedule where they may be engaged to work 24/7 for 2 or even 3 weeks at a time before taking the same period (usually) as a break. During her/his rest time, the other rota nanny will take over, so usually both nannies work and rest the same alternating period of weeks.

A Rota Nanny's Duties

  • The duties are much the same as a normal nanny;
  • full nursery duties
  • setting up learning through play activities
  • arranging outdoor play and outings
  • preparing and/or feeding of nutritious meals
  • developing the child's physical, social and mental skills

Due to many of the families who engage this type of nanny being high profile, the nanny may be required to posess more skills or experience and may have additional tasks, more travelling, or may share her/ his work with others in the household. Although the children's care is fully covered by staff, the parents will of course be present, at times when they are available.


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