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Employ Bilingual Nannies, in the UK and world-wide.

Kinder Nannies Agency specialises in professional bilingual nannies; nanny-educators, rota nannies, governess and maternity nurses. Working for professional and high profile families in London, Europe and world-wide, we place high calibre nannies with the skills, qualifications and languages you request.

For each search we check our database of thousands of excellent candidates to contact the nannies who best match your requirements. We also place very discreet adverts to ensure we find and connect with all possible and suitable nannies. Our nannies have 5-30 years of professional experience, as well as training or qualifications and of course skills in the languages you ask for. 

Most of our nannies have a university degree and/ or other child development or teaching related qualification. Furthermore they:

  • all have good references, which are checked by the agency; a clean criminal background check.
  • have passed our interview and assessments
  • have supplied their supporting nanny documents and identity document. As well as their immigration status evidence.

Why hire a bilingual or multilingual nanny?

Our bilingual families typically comprise of 1 or both parents speaking a different language to the country where they live. If the parents are unable to spend considerable time with the children, for work reasons, then the parent's language might not be learned by the child/ren. This is a situation most parents seek to avoid, as it is important that the children can also speak the parent's native languages.

Fortunately employing a bilingual nanny to keep up the 'German' or 'Spanish' language whilst the parent is working develops or maintains the important fluency in that language. Children learn language effortlessly when young, as the brain is geared to learn language during these early years. Children can learn 2 or 3 languages at one time.  Engaging an experienced bilingual nanny may be slightly more costly than a nanny without language skills, but the benefits significantly outweigh the costs. Furthermore, employing a bilingual nanny is always a cheaper rate than employing a tutor or teacher to teach additional languages. 

It has been proven that young children exposed to a second language develop more neural synapses than those only with 1 language. Ie. it makes them more intelligent - rarely a  bad thing!

We can help you

Many international families live in the London area and indeed throughout the UK. They often prefer a nanny who speaks their native language. Additionally, we place nannies in continental Europe, most commonly Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, but also further afield, Asia and the Americas. 

Whatever your reason for choosing a bilingual nanny, we can help with requests for nannies speaking European languages; French, German, Italian, Spanish, English and also Russian, Mandarin and Arabic. 

We happily work with a family's PA or EA or family office. Want to know more? We can arrange to speak at a time which is convenient for you. 

Our professional bilingual or language-nannies look for full time salaries, but some may be open to a 3 or 4 day week. If you would like your children to learn 2 languages, we find that a rota nanny arrangement can work very well, where 1 rota nanny speaks 1 language and the 2nd rota nanny speaks the other language. 

Kinder Nannies also offers a super selection of bilingual maternity nurses and governesses.

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