Bilingual Nannies for families in the UK and International families.

Kinder Nannies' bilingual nannies are much sought after, making us the 'go-to' Bilingual Nanny Agency. We work for families in London, throughout Europe and also world-wide including UAE and USA.
Most families have a specific reason for choosing to hire a nanny with a particular native language or high fluency language skill. But not always.

  • Many international families live in the London area and indeed throughout the UK. They may prefer a nanny who speaks their native language.
  • Other families are perhaps half British and half German, Spanish or Italian, so they might opt for a native German, Spanish or Italian speaker to help keep up or introduce this second language at home.
  • Or a family may just see employing a bilingual nanny as a clever route to introducing their child/children to a second language. It has been proven that young children exposed to a second language make more neural synapses than those only with 1 language. Ie. it makes them more intelligent - rarely a  bad thing!

Whatever your reason for choosing a bilingual nanny, we can help with requests for nannies with most of the popular languages. French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic and of course English.

Our bilingual or language-nannies prefer full time jobs, but some are open to a 3 or 4 day week. Our bilingual candidates work in full time and rota nanny positions, also as maternity nurses and governesses.

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