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Looking for a nanny agency in Switzerland?

Kinder Nannies places experienced professional nannies and governesses with families throughout Switzerland. Most popular are our native English speaking nannies and governesses, but we also have many enquiries from families looking for bilingual German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian speaking nannies.

Our nannies in Switzerland have either:

  1. EU Passport
  2. Swiss passport
  3. Swiss work permit

We cannot work with any nanny one who does not already have one of these 3 above.

Our English mother tongue nannies generally hail from Ireland and Northern Ireland (with EU passport), or they are British and have Dual nationality (UK/EU).

Looking for nannies in Switzerland?

For families in Switzerland, Kinder Nannies can offer :

  • permanent, full time nanny, live in or live out.
  • the specific language capabilities you prefer/ require.
  • professional, well educated, qualified nannies, some with degrees in early childhood education.
  • Maternity Nurses with more than 10 years experience. Trained and qualified.
  • Nanny / nanny-educator / nanny-governess.
  • Governess / Governor
  • Also full time professional Housekeeper.
  • Driving nannies - most of our nannies can drive.
  • Rota nannies and VIP nannies, nannies who have good experience working for High Profile Celebrities and Ultra High Net Worth families.

Salaries vary depending on the number of hours of work per week, and what qualifications your nanny or governess is required to hold. Very generally Swiss nanny salaries are between CHF 4,000 to CHF 6,000 gross per month. A rota nanny or particularly experienced, qualified nanny will earn more than this.

Searching for nannies in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many 'Expat' families, International families and also many internationally-minded local Swiss families. Demand for high calibre bilingual nannies, is high. 

Switzerland is a popular country to work in as a foreign nanny and household staff. With amazing culture and spectacular landscape to explore it might not feel like you are working at all!
Kinder Nanny jobs in Switzerland are usually permanent / long term, and if Nanny is from an EU country it is normally straight forward to get a work permit to work in Switzerland.

Kinder Nannies Agency works in partnership  with a long established Swiss Nanny Agency, which is licensed with SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs).

Kinder Nannies is predominantly responsible for the sourcing and selecting of top nannies and the our Swiss nanny agency looks after the client families and make sure all the paperwork is in order etc. The Swiss agency will often arrange to meet the family at their home.

Find out today what super bilingual and multilingual professional nannies, maternity nurses and nanny-educators we can propose for your family.

Looking to hire a Nanny in Switzerland?

The Kinder team is waiting for your call. Our consultants speak English, French and German. We are looking forward to finding you the perfect Nanny, Maternity Nurse or Housekeeper for your needs. Contracts can be short term, although long-term permanent placements are more common. We have nannies for live in and out live out nanny jobs and many of our nannies can drive.

Families often come to us to hire a native English speaking nanny or tutor but we also have French speakers, German speakers, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian etc. on our books.

Please note, in order to comply with Swiss law Kinder Nannies works with a well respected and established Nanny Agency in Switzerland. Our partner agency in Switzerland will speak to or meet the family and will interview all candidates put forward for the Nanny Jobs in Switzerland, either in person or over skype depending on the candidate's current location.

Our Swiss agency will explain to you the taxes and insurance you will need to pay, and if you need to pay rent for a live in nanny job in Switzerland.

See some of the jobs in Switzerland. Please note there are more which are currently on our list but not published on our website.

To find out more about the ins and outs of employing staff in Switzerland and your requirements as an employer check with and the Swiss Nanny Association (SNA).

Need a professional nanny in Switzerland?

We would love to help you with your nanny / governess / maternity nurse search! The Kinder Nannies team will be in touch immediately. We will send our full terms and fees and arrange to speak to you asap.

Nannies and Private  Household Staff working in Switzerland

Families in Switzerland need you!  Whether you are a nanny, a governess, housekeeper or butler, if you are experienced and have good references there will be a job for you. Together with our partner agency in Switzerland we are looking for good candidates who are dynamic, out-going, multi-lingual -or a high level of English, someone who is conscientious in their approach  -  good at what they do and exudes pride in their work.

If you are from an EU country then working in Switzerland is quite straight forward. Once we have found you a Childcare or Private Staff Job, the next step is to sort the paperwork and there are many resources to help with that.

Reasons for moving to Switzerland :

  • Jobs in Switzerland can pay better than at home.
  • Exciting, explore a stunningly beautiful country, rich in history and culture.
  • Welcoming and fun international expat community of Nannies and Household staff.
  • Endless incredible and unforgettable experiences on your doorstep; Switzerland offers so many activities and sporting opportunities.
  • The Swiss speak 4 languages, so if your 2nd language is French, German or Italian (or Romansh!) you'll feel right at home! Most Swiss people also speak English relatively well.
  • The Swiss service industry has exceptionally high standards and throughout the nation good manners are taught from birth! Learn from this and become an even more 'employable' candidate, as these skills are sought world-wide and render you a 'premium' nanny / household staff.
  • Working in Switzerland will look excellent on your CV and will super-charge your career!

Want to work as a nanny in Switzerland?

If you already have nanny experience, references and access to an EU or Swiss passport then we can help!