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KINDER Nannies is the premier Nanny Agency London UK. We are committed to finding a high calibre, suitable Nanny for your family, wherever you live and to your complete satisfaction.

Kinder Nanny Agency London & Int. specialises in:

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We have a wide range of Nanny positions, live-in and live-out nanny jobs, full time or part time nanny jobs, with older or younger children, in all areas of London, throughout the UK and Internationally.

We welcome registrations from experienced Nannies and also more Junior Nannies. With new positions being created daily, we will continue to show you suitable positions until you find your perfect nanny job. It is completely FREE for candidates to register and you benefit from our experience and full agency backing.

99% of our families pay their Nanny through payroll, so you can relax with a comprehensive employment contract, payroll, tax and pension contributions all dealt with by professionals.

Don't have an up-to-date DBS? We can help you apply for one (cost of £84)

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Private Household Staff...

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Our experienced and discrete private staff recruitment team will guide and advise you, whilst searching for your perfect employee. We understand that your time is precious and your privacy is paramount.

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Are you looking for full time nanny jobs in London?

Kinder Staff is the premier trusted nanny and childcare agency UK. We help you to find the best nanny jobs. We can find you a nanny job in London, elsewhere in the UK and also International nanny jobs. Kinder Nanny agency London UK recognises what makes a great nanny and can match you to the top positions. Applying for any of our jobs or registering to be on our books for new jobs in the pipeline is completely free.

Kinder Nanny Agency & Kinder Staff Ethos

We excel in finding qualified and experienced nannies and private household staff for our family clients. After many years of successful recruitment and placements in the childcare and private staff sector we concluded that, although there are many criteria which render a good employee a truly outstanding employee, the single most important factor for success as an employee in the childcare and service industry is Kindness. Without genuine kindness a candidate working with your children or in your household could never be wholly successful. 'Kindness' is therefore the cornerstone to and starting point of each and every candidate search we undertake for you.

Our ethos naturally applies to our own team too! The team here at KINDER HQ are chosen as much for their kind and caring qualities as for their professionalism and skills.

How we work

Once you have registered you will be allocated one of our experienced consultants who will take care to find out exactly what you need. This consultant will always be your first contact, but in their absence anyone else on the team will have full access to your safely stored files and will be able to assist you.

We begin the search as soon as possible and we aim to be fast and always respond to you quickly, be it with an update or with candidates. We not only look to our large database of candidates, we pro-actively work with a select group of partners and place ads (absolutely no photos or identifiable details!) to find your perfect Kinder candidate.


Employers, Why choose Kinder Nanny & Staff Agency London UK?

We believe that you will not find a better, more sincere and bespoke recruitment service anywhere else!

All our clients are special and important to us. We offer a premium service which reflects this. You don't have time to spare; you need top staff and to work with a top agency which understands you, your needs and your expectation of excellence.

Kinder Nannies & Staff Agency does not charge a registration fee, so you have nothing to lose by sending us your Brief and letting us search for your perfect candidate.

Our experienced team Promise to:

  • Be committed to excellence in the Head Hunting & Placement Support for our Clients
  • Be as correct as possible in all communications
  • Work fast and diligently to find you the Candidates You require
  • Go the extra mile to help you select the very Best Candidates
  • Offer honest, helpful advice and be on-hand whenever it is needed
  • Keep our prices low and our level of service high.

Next Steps...

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"My religion is very simple. My religion is KINDNESS".  Dalai Lama


And, as the saying goes "A little bit of KINDNESS goes a long way..."