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Kinder Staff is a specialist agency for professional childcarers, governesses and household staff. 

Based in London, we work for families in the UK and world-wide. We are highly rated for our selection of professional candidates as much as our client oriented service. 

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What is a Governess or Governor

When your children outgrow their nanny then now is a good time to consider employing a governess instead. A governess is essentially a private teacher. They will educate and guide your child or children.

Dimiss your idea of a strict, old-fashioned governess! These days a governess or governor:

  • is a role model,
  • someone who has achieved academically themselves,
  • is in tune with children,
  • knows how to bring subjects alive and
  • has an energy and an element of fun which keeps children on track and engaged.

Your governess will inspire your children; help them to see learning as the key to an exciting future and will be rooting for them, as a mentor.

Our governesses and governors enjoy helping children learn and have a real interest in children and their future success. Your children's success is the governess's success!

What to look for when selecting a governess or governor:

A Kinder governess is chosen for their:

  • educational background (school, A levels, University Degree or Master's Degree)
  • Sporting or Musical achievements
  • knowledge of particular languages and / or subjects.
  • previous experience as a governess and teacher or nanny / their CV
  • knowledge of the particular curriculum the child will be following
  • and knowledge of a country’s school system if they are working towards entering eg. A top British school.
  • the quality of their references
  • some unusual complimentary skill or quality

Most governesses have been very well educated themselves and achieved good grades, a university degree and often a Master’s Degree. Most have also worked as a teacher and some may also have experience as a nanny. Usually they have worked as a governess/governor before.

Our families select their governess according to the above and also based on the particular ‘fit’ or ‘chemistry.’ It helps to be aligned on views and educational style and be understanding of the other’s culture, if they differ. Crucially the child and governor need to get on well. Their bond may take some days to develop but it is essential in order to make the most of this bespoke educational support.

A Kinder Governess usually works full time and lives in. They are commonly provided with separate accommodation. A Kinder governess may work anywhere in the world.

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Why employ a governess or governor?

A Governess or Governor is often employed in locations where the family is not close to suitable good schools and before the child goes to boarding school. A governess might be employed to help support a child’s learning at school, or the governess may be replacing school altogether if the child is being home-schooled. Often a child has a governess in order to help them get into a particular school, maybe in a different country.

A child with special needs or who learns in a non-standard way can greatly benefit from working with a governess.

Governesses provide completely tailored, one to one tuition and are enormously helpful to children in any of the above situations.

You will be giving your children a considerable benefit if you hire a good governess for them. Make sure that you are selecting the best fit for your family. We advise conducting a short paid trial with the governess before employing them, furthermore make sure your child/ren like and respect the governess; this is crucial to a highly successful engagement.

How can we hire a Kinder Governess?

Our professional governesses and governors work in all countries, including Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, Russia, Germany.

Get in touch to find out more or simply send us your brief; we will call to discuss your requirements and start to send you details suitable governesses/ governors as soon as possible.

Easy steps to employ a top professional governess.

  1. Register and speak to the agency
  2. Receive candidates via email
  3. Interview candidates:
  4. First interview via Video
  5. Second interview either by video or in person
  6. Arrange meeting or Trial
  7. Offer the position – subject to final reference checks
  8. Pay Agency, to Secure the Placement 
  9. Finalise contract
  10. Start work!

Kinder Staff is a specialist agency for professional childcarers, governesses and professional household staff. Based in London, we work for families in the UK and world-wide. We are highly rated for our selection of professional candidates as much as our client oriented service. 

Once registered with Kinder Nannies & Staff we check through our database for governesses / governors who fit your requirements. Furthermore we pro-actively and discreetly advertise to find more candidates who are the perfect match for your requirements.

With the quality and number of professional governesses and governors we have on our books, we know we can help you; whether you are in London, UK, Europe or further afield

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What checks does a governess agency conduct?

When hiring a governess through Kinder, please be assured that each governess :

  • is Interviewed and Assessed by our experienced nanny consultants in London, or internationally.
  • has had a Minimum of 2, usually 3 References verbally Checked.
  • has all Supporting Documents Checked (passport, certificates, educational qualifications etc.)
  • provided proof of address (for identification purposes)
  • CV is scrutinised for everything it does and does not contain. Any discrepancies in dates etc. are investigated. 

If we are not satisfied that the candidate makes the grade, we terminate their candidacy. However, we also require and support our families to conduct their own checks to ensure the candidate meets their requirements.

Governess Search; What happens next?

If the prospective governess passes our stringent selection procedures, we will we put them forward to you. This will include:

  • Our interview notes
  • Governess CV and / or comprehensive application form

Often also:

  • Short video/ audio introduction by the Governess
  • Their completed Assessment Questionnaire - with questions and answers specific to your role.
  • Cover letter; why they are applying to be your governess and what makes them the best governess for your role.

- References either at the start or further into the process.

Personal and sensitive information is held by the agency and will be shared with the family employer, at a later stage of the hiring process (eg. DBS check, passport)

Get in touch with us to find out more about trials, or ask to see our terms & conditions.

If you are looking Hire a Governess and wish to compare Agency Fees, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Contact us here.

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Governess and Governor Salaries

It is difficult to be specific on this. The best way to approach the question of governess salary is for you to let us know what your requirements are and where you are located and we can give you a more accurate idea of an appropriate salary.

Governess Salary depends on:

  • number of children
  • children's needs and abilities
  • number of hours work per week
  • location of the job
  • how experienced or qualified the governess must be
  • the local tax rates

a full time governess salary will be between £55,000 to £100,000.

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Kinder Nannies & Staff provides guardianship services for children who are being schooled in the UK. Get in touch with Gillian if you would like to know more.

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