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Further information regarding employment and helpful links.

First Time Employers

If you are employing staff you will need to check and adhere to the following:
  1. Check that you are paying at least the minimum wage. Although clearly, it is important to check that you are paying your employee a fair wage, or better still, one which makes them feel valued and means that they will not be looking for a new job with a higher salary for some years to come! Check what the minimum wage is in the country where you employ your staff, or see here for information about current National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage in the UK.

2. You, the Employer, must check that your employee has the Legal Right to Work in your country. When you meet your employee in person you need to check their original documents, in their presence. If you are employing in the UK you can check the rights and document requirements on

3. Check that you have the permission to check someone's criminal record. In the UK the criminal record check is known as a Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS.

4. Make sure you purchase a good Employer's Liability Insurance policy, which in the UK is a Legal Requirement.

5. Employers should sign an Employment Contract with their employee before the work commences. Check your country's legislation with regard to contracts. In the UK a Contract must contain basic details such as :

  • Employee's Name
  • Address/es of Work and Employer's address (if different)
  • Working Hours (including any work on Sundays, nights or overtime)
  • Pay
  • Holiday entitlement
  • End date, if fixed term contract
  • Notice period
  • Pension
  • Grievance procedures
  • Disciplinary & Dismissal procedures
  • Sick Pay

6. Employers must register as an employer for tax purposes. In the UK employers must register with HMRC. It is necessary to register if your employee is earning the Lower Earnings Limit (currently £120 per week) or more, even if they do not yet meet the tax threshold.

7. Check if you need to automatically enrol your employee into a workplace pension scheme.


Looking for a good value Payroll company to manage payments, payslips, tax etc, where contracts and advice line are included? Kinder Nannies and Staff includes a year of payroll for placements of over a specified level (see t's and c's) And if you want to check what the gross/ net payments are, tax etc. our payroll providers can tell you exactly what they will be. For a good approximate, you can check Salary Calculator | Feather Payroll


For Employer's insurance and also Employee Public Liability Insurance. 2 good companies:

Morton Michel

Nanny Insure 

DBS & DBS Update Service

If you are working with or in the same place as children or vulnerable adults you will need an Enhanced DBS certificate. And if you want to keep this up to date you should register for the DBS Update Service. It costs just £13 per year and is checkable by employers (with your permission).