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You are important, your time is precious and it is critical that you employ the right nanny, staff  - we understand.

We are a top London Nanny Agency & Private Staff Agency committed to doing our utmost to help you find the best nanny and private household staff for you. Upon receiving your Registration or Enquiry our experienced, professional consultants start working hard for you. We answer quickly and our discreet staff guide you throughout the seamless recruitment process.

Specialists in high calibre, English speaking and /or Multi-Lingual Nannies & Private Staff.

Holding your hand as much or as little as you need it... We offer sensible advice, gleaned from our many years of experience in nanny and private staff recruitment.

KINDER Nanny Agency London has Nannies, Housekeepers and all Private Staff to suit every requirement. Whether you need someone qualified and experienced or simply focusing on the right personality; we will find your perfect employee.

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London Nannies near me?

Kinder Nannies has nannies and private staff available throughout London; so wherever you live we have suitable, local nannies near you.

Need a Nanny Overseas?

Kinder Nannies & Staff has a large database of excellent experienced, trained and qualified nannies, who are looking to work overseas. Send us your enquiry and we shall send you the nannies!

First time nanny employer, need guidance?

Our knowledgeable Nanny Consultants have experience with all types of families and all types of nannies. So don't worry, they will guide you through the selection, interviewing and job offering process. Our consultants will take the time to guide & explain everything to you , so that you make the right decision on employing the right staff for you. - That's just one of the reasons we believe ourselves to be the best nanny agency!

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Send your brief, we then send you our top Nannies or Private Staff Candidates!

How KINDER Nanny & Staff Agency London works;

If you already know what type of employee you require then simply provide us with your brief  and one of our experienced consultants will call you to discuss the finer details of your search.

Alternatively, call or email us to discuss your needs first, and together we can decide what would be best for you.

⇒ Once you have registered we will  immediately begin the search for your perfect candidate. We are proud of our extensive database of excellent candidates, built up over years, and will start with reaching out directly to our candidates. We also advertise (discreetly - no details!) to attract new applicants for your role via our own jobs board, and through other advertising channels.

Any advertisements on your behalf will never identify you, by any name or photo or any other identifying detail. Our client's privacy is paramount.

⇒ Once we have identified suitable candidates and they have:

  • passed our interview and initial checks stage
  • seen details of your position and confirmed interest in the position

We will then present the candidate to you:

  • We will initially send you our written impression, of why we believe this candidate to be a good potential employee for you.
  • We will also send their CV and / Registration documents.
  • We may at this stage already send you their written references.
  • We will often include an audio or video introduction by the candidate themselves.

⇒ Client Interview Stage

1. You decide if you would like to interview the candidate -you may discuss the merits of each candidate with us at any time to help you decide.
We will organise the interviews for you.
The more you feedback to us about what you like/ do not like in a candidate the more we can correctly target the right candidates for you - and save you time!

2. A first interview may be conducted by phone or video link (WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime or Skype) A second interview is always in person and is usually longer than the first. More family or staff members might be involved in the 2nd interview.

3. Many employers skip straight to a trial instead of 2nd interview, if the first one goes well. f the first and second interviews go well you may decide to offer the candidate the position (subject to final satisfactory reference checks) or you may arrange for the candidate to do a trial.

4. Trials are common and many candidates are happy to be offered a trial. Please check our full terms and conditions concerning trials as the first day/ part day is free (no agency fee unless overseas) thereafter further days are subject to pre-payment. For all trials you are required to pay the candidate directly, for their time.

Kinder Nannies and Staff will continue to put forward suitable candidates until you have found the right employee and they have accepted your offer.

We continue to put forward candidates to you as long as you communicate to us your feedback on the candidates. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are no longer looking and will close the search.

5. ⇒ Making a Job Offer

You may discuss with your appointed Kinder Staff Consultant, or with anyone on our team, anything regarding the candidate or their employment.

When you are ready to make an offer or are considering doing so, please let us know. We will guide in how this should be done, so that you are as 'protected' as possible, as their are legal implications to making an applicant a firm offer.

Kinder Nannies and Staff will draft the Offer Letter for you, which you will check an authorise before we present the offer to your chosen candidate.

6. ⇒ Employment Contract for private  staff and nannies

As part of our paid for service Kinder Nannies and Staff can provide, as a courtesy, a standard contract of employment which you can use to engage your newly found staff/nanny. We can help you to customise the contract for your purposes and recommend that you have it checked by your solicitor too.

We also offer a bespoke contract service through our employment lawyers. Please see terms for the price, but at time of writing the bespoke contract service costs £125 (UK only).

7. ⇒ Onboarding your new employee

There is an art to successfully settling in a new employee and the team are here to support you in onboarding your new employee. We want the placement to be a long and happy on all sides! 

We will proactively advise both parties before and after the 1st day of work and we will continue to be available to both parties throughout the length of the employment.

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Our Registration fee is just £50 in the UK, which is later deducted from the Service Fee, once you engage one of our candidates.

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Nanny and Private Staff Payroll

Once you have selected your chosen candidate, we can administer the payroll for you, provide pension services and a bespoke contract. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Agency Fees, Terms and Conditions

Please contact us by chat, phone, email or whatsapp and we shall email you a copy of our latest Fees, T's & C's.

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