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Kinder Nannies Agency has a close contact with Spanish and Spanish nanny agencies. In addition to the nannies on our books, we work with partners in Spain and one of our consultants is Spanish. Therefore we are able to source top calibre Spanish Nannies for you, whether you live in London, UK, Germany, UAE, Caribbean - wherever you are!

Our Spanish speaking Nannies, niñeras/niñeros, are

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generally from Spain, but some are from Latin America (using their 2nd EU passport) Some have since settled abroad permanently or semi-permanently. They may already live in your town! The nannies are educated and speak a reasonable level of English and sometimes a further 3rd language in addition to Spanish.

When a family relocates overseas they often find it helpful to engage a nanny from their home country. Children who do not yet speak the new country's language find it very helpful to have a nanny who speaks their language at home, which facilitates the transition. It also helps keep the home language going if the family is abroad for a longer time.

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