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Spanish Nannies by Kinder Nannies Agency

One of our top bilingual nanny requests is from parents keen to employ a professional fluent or native Spanish speaking nanny. We regularly place our Spanish speaking nannies in London, throughout Europe, in the UAE and Caribbean.

The majority of our Spanish speaking  Nannies, niñeras/niñeros, are originally from Spain, others are South American. Many hold a degree in early childhood education or early childhood studies. Parents prefer our degree educated nannies, and those nannies who have qualified and worked as teachers. They are are engaged as nanny-educators, and have a dual function of caring for and nurturing the child, but additionally focusing on their general or academic education.

What can Kinder offer to parents looking for a fluent Spanish speaking nanny:

Nannies : nanny-educators : rota nannies : maternity nurses : nanny-PAs : governesses -  to suit all budgets.

If a top nanny's salary requirement is no issue for you then we recommend engaging a high calibre professional Spanish speaking nanny. For a slightly higher salary, you gain a highly skilled nanny who your family will want to keep for years! They will typically be a

  • degree educated nanny,
  • with a good upbringing and indepth understanding of etiquette and manners.
  • This nanny will usually have a degree in childcare or early childhood education.
  • possess excellent references (checked by the agency) for previous nanny positions, where they may have worked for a few years in each job.
  • Up to date paediatric first aid, additional vocational training and certificates in baby care, sleep, nutrition etc.
  • Have the mindset of putting the family first.
  • and it goes without saying, that they have clean criminal history.

Our Spanish speaking nannies are on salaries ranging between £/€ 50,000 to £/€ 85,000 gross per year. They enjoy working for good families who treat them fairly so that they are happy and will work for the family for many years. Their salaries reflect 'nanny market' conditions and also their qualifications, skills, references and experience. 

Get in touch with our friendly, professional consultants today. We are confident to find the right nanny for each of our families; someone you will have full confidence in and who will stay with your for at least a few years.

Find out more about our Spanish speaking Nannies, niñeras/niñeros today.

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Upon receiving your registration, we get in touch with you, sending our full terms and arranging a convenient time to discuss your search. We answer any questions you may have and start work immediately checking with our Spanish speaking nannies for their interest in your position.

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Invest in your child by giving them a foreign language nanny.

Sometimes it might cost slightly more to engage a bilingual nanny for your children, but it is a golden opportunity to introduce your children to a second language, opening many doors for them in the future. You may want to keep up a family language into the next generation, or perhaps you just want to give your child all the advantages of being bilingual, and having knowledge of a second language with no real effort at all - children are like sponges when it comes to language learning.

The main advantages a bilingual nanny can bring to your children:

  1. Language Development: Bilingual nannies can provide a rich language environment for your children. Research shows that early exposure to multiple languages can enhance cognitive abilities, promote linguistic flexibility, and facilitate better communication skills.
  2. Cultural Awareness: A bilingual nanny from a different cultural background can expose your children to diverse customs, traditions, and perspectives. This can foster a sense of cultural openness and tolerance, helping them develop a global mindset from an early age.
  3. Enhanced Communication: If your family speaks more than one language or if you have relatives who primarily speak another language, a bilingual nanny can bridge the language gap and facilitate effective communication between family members. This can strengthen family bonds and ensure that your children maintain strong connections with their extended family.
  4. Educational Support: Bilingual nannies can provide academic support by assisting with homework, tutoring in specific subjects, and exposing your children to educational resources in multiple languages. They can also help with language-related activities such as reading, storytelling, and language games.
  5. Increased Opportunities: In today's interconnected world, being bilingual is a valuable skill that can open up numerous opportunities later in life. By having a bilingual nanny, your children can gain a competitive advantage and increase their chances of success in a globalised society.
  6. Smooth Transition in Multilingual Environments: If your family moves to a different country or if you frequently travel internationally, a bilingual nanny can help ease the transition for your children. They can serve as a familiar and comforting presence, providing continuity in language and culture during the adjustment period.
  7. Exposure to Different Ways of Thinking: Bilingual nannies can bring fresh perspectives and alternative ways of thinking into your children's lives. By being exposed to different languages and cultures, they can develop a more flexible mindset and an appreciation for diversity.

By employing a good bilingual nanny through a reputable nanny agency, such as Kinder Nannies, you can ensure that the individual is qualified, experienced, and trustworthy. The agency will have vetted the nanny thoroughly, providing you with peace of mind regarding the nanny's background and reliability.