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Welcome to our esteemed London nanny agency, where we take immense pride in presenting you with the very best childcare solutions. Among our prestigious nannies are the renowned Norland Nannies, a symbol of excellence in the world of professional childcare.

Why Choose a Norland Nanny?

Norland Nannies stand in a league of their own, setting a benchmark for top-tier childcare services. Handpicked and expertly trained, these nannies embody the perfect blend of professionalism, compassion, and dedication. Norland Nannies are very popular both in the UK and with our international families across the globe.

Unmatched Expertise:

With a rich heritage dating back over 125 years, Norland College has cultivated an exceptional reputation in the nanny training industry. Our carefully selected Norland Nannies undergo rigorous training at this esteemed institution, ensuring they possess the highest level of expertise and childcare knowledge. Norland Nannies study a 3 year full time course, with plenty of hours spent on placements, learning the practical side of childcare and nannying. They graduate with a BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Versatility and Adaptability:

Norland Nannies are renowned for their adaptability to various family dynamics, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds. They seamlessly integrate into your household, becoming an invaluable support system for both you and your children. They are professionals whom you can count on.

Safety and Well-being:

At our international nanny agency, we understand that the safety and well-being of your children are of utmost importance. Rest assured, Norland Nannies are proficient in providing a secure and nurturing environment for your little ones, allowing them to thrive and flourish under their care.

Tailored Solutions:

We recognize that each family's needs are unique, and our mission is to find the perfect Norland Nanny who complements your specific requirements. From newborn care specialists to experienced governesses, our Norland Nannies cater to a diverse range of childcare needs. The nannies will work anywhere in the word, aside from war zones.

Confidentiality and Professionalism:

Your privacy matters, and Kinder Nannies recruiters and nannies uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. With our discreet approach, you can entrust us with your family's welfare and feel at ease throughout the process.

A Partnership for Excellence:

As a leading London nanny agency, our commitment to excellence is matched only by our dedication to creating lasting partnerships with our clients. When you choose a Norland Nanny through our agency, you embark on a journey of unparalleled childcare support and peace of mind.

Cost of employing a Norland Nanny:

Employing a qualified Norland Nanny, is attainable for those with some wealth, and might be more affordable than you think. Get in touch today and our friendly consultants can discuss all your options.

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Take the first step towards securing exceptional childcare with a Norland Nanny. Contact our top London nanny agency today, and let us help you find the perfect nanny for your family's needs. Experience the Norland difference and witness your children flourish under the expert care of a true childcare professional.

Kinder works with a family's PA, EA or family office. Do you have questions? We can arrange to speak at a time which is convenient for you. In addition to our Norland Nannies, we offer a selection of professional bilingual maternity nurses, governesses and rota nannies.

Looking for a highly qualified foreign language nanny instead?

Finding a Norland nanny who is fluent in languages other than English is a bit rare. However, there are Kinder nannies with qualifications including degree in early childhood education who speak these other languages.

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