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Need a wonderful German speaking Nanny?

Instruct us today and receive applications from top German speaking nannies! All with references, clean police check, paediatric first aid and complete supporting documents.

German Speaking Nannies by Kinder Nannies Agency

German nannies London and world-wide

As our Kinder name suggests, Kinder Nannies agency specialises in placing German speaking nannies with private families. Working for families in London, Europe and worldwide, we place our excellent German and Austrian nannies with families looking for a professional Kinderfrau, 'Kindermädchen' and Tagesmütter. Our german speaking nannies are some of the very best nannies we have; many are trained in childcare and early years education. Consequently this makes them a fantastic choice to both nurture and start the general and bilingual education of your baby or child.

Many of our educated german speaking nannies hold degrees in early childhood development, education or early childhood studies.

Kinder Nannies, the expert agency for German speaking childcare

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer you, simply get in touch today. We will guide and advise you, providing all the information you need to be confident this is the best solution for your family. Once we know your requirements we immediately check with our available German speaking nannies to see if your job could interest them. We help you every step of the way, and our job satisfaction, when we make a perfect match, is immense. Above all, we love to make you, your new nanny and your children extremely happy.

Looking for an excellent native german speaking nanny?

Kinder Nannies holds an enviable database of super German and Austrian nannies who can work for you wherever you live.

  • They have the right to work in the UK as they hold either Settled or Pre-Settled status; in fact some have a UK passport.
  • They can of course work anywhere in the EU, as they hold EU passports..
  • They can easily work in Switzerland as it is straight forward for an EU nanny to obtain a work visa for Switzerland.
  • Some of our nannies also have a USA passport, and can work in the USA.

Our professional Nannies are carefully selected, not only for their innate language skills but for their experience, qualifications, excellent references and kind, conscientious attitudes.

We help you find the best German nannies, in London, UK, USA, EU, Switzerland, Middle East, Australia - wherever you are

Are you a German or Austrian nanny looking for an amazing nanny job? Check our nanny jobs in the UK and also our international jobs. Get in touch to find out all the benefits you get for FREE! when we place you into a Kinder Nannies job!

Our native German speaking nannies include skilled nannies who:

  • are adept at actively teaching the German language to children, working anywhere in the world.
  • have a teaching background and can teach/tutor young children German, English, maths etc
  • work as a governess/nor or nanny-governess.
  • Are available for work in Germany, UK, Switzerland and internally
  • work as german nanny/ nanny-educator or governess world-wide.
  • Experienced German and Austrian Rota Nannies.
  • Excel at cooking, sports, organising, PA duties, proxy-parenting, driving children safely, working together with other household staff, packing for children and travelling with the family, liaising with the children’s school.
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German Language Nanny / Linguistic Nanny Tutor

The team at Kinder Nannies is passionate about top quality, professional childcare, nurturing your children whilst gently encouraging them to reach their full potential. Combining this care and support with the effortless introduction of a 2nd language is really 'killing 2 birds with 1 stone' (2 Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen)

You can employ a Kinder Nannies German Language Nanny / Nanny Educator who will provide high quality private childcare with a passion, and simultaneously 'teach' German to your children, often without them realising! Alternatively, for older children, the nanny-governess can structure some proper lessons each day.

Some of our German Language Nannies have experience as teachers as well as nannies, most of our Language nannies (also known as Linguistic Nanny Tutors) have previously worked in families where they had responsibility not only for the sole care of the children but also to teach them German.

What do German Language Nannies do?

Our Language Nannies will adapt their teaching according to the children's ages and needs, but the teaching generally includes:

  • Talking to in German, exclusively
  • Reading to the children in German.
  • Making a point of learning a new word or 5 each day.
  • Creating playful exercises in German, such as counting the apples in German or spotting  cars/animals/ when out and about.
  • Taking to German playgroups, meeting up with other german speaking nannies and children.
  • Singing nursery rhymes, Kinderlieder.
  • Encouraging the children to speak in German.
  • Listening to German and watching Geman programmes or movies
  • Helping older children with their german homework.
  • Introduce your children to German/ Austrian or Swiss culture.

All our bilingual nannies are passionate about lovingly raising your Kinder to speak two or more languages. Our German multilingual nannies are well educated, experienced and speak a good level of English as well as German, sometimes a further 3rd language such as French.

Get in touch, to find out more about the German nannies we have available in your area.


When relocating, is it better to employ a nanny from 'home' or a new local nanny who speaks the new local language?

When a family relocates abroad they often find it helpful to engage a nanny from their home country. Children who do not yet speak the language of the new country can find it comforting and helpful to have a nanny who speaks their language at home. This in turn aids their settling in to the new situation. Meanwhile, it also helps keep the home language going if the family is overseas for a longer time.

The reverse is also true, moving to a new country and engaging a local nanny can help with integration and learning the new language.

Which way you choose to do it really depends on your children, your views and you priorities. Do your children need to be nurtured through the transition or do they need immersion in the new language and culture - by engaging a local nanny. Alternatively, consider starting with the first solution for 6 (3-12) months, and thereafter move on to a new local nanny. Feel free to discuss with us!

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Need a wonderful German speaking Nanny?

Instruct us today and receive applications from top German speaking nanny candidates! All with references, clean police check, paediatric first aid and other supporting documents.

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Completely fluent in German? Become a Kinder Nanny, and receive benefits and freebies worth €/£

Calling all Kindermädchen, Kinderfrauen, Kindermänne and Tagesmütter.

Suchen Sie einen Job in Kinderbetreuung?

We offer amazing benefits to our German speaking Kinder Nannies so get in touch and register with us today!

If you are completely fluent in German and we place you into a permanent job we will pay for or give you:

  1. Enhanced DBS Check (UK)
  2. DBS Update Service (UK)
  3. Nanny Insurance (UK)
  4. Free career planning advice
  5. Free CV checking/ editing service
  6. Interview tips
  7. Unlimited free advice and support
  8. Referral payments of up to £100 for each German speaking nanny friend you refer to us, and we place into a long-term nanny job.

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