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Kinder Nannies has earned a strong reputation both in London and internationally for providing top-notch live-in nannies and offering high-quality live-in nanny jobs. While live-out nanny positions are more prevalent, accounting for approximately 85% of the market in London, the live-in nanny jobs, constituting 15%, still form a substantial share. With a vast coverage area and numerous families seeking nannies, the demand for live-in arrangements remains significant.

Most rota nanny positions are live in, but only whilst the nanny is on rota. The expectation being that they return home when they are off rota.

If you've already found your ideal live-in nanny, feel free to skip ahead for valuable advice on making the placement successful. If not, keep reading to discover how Kinder Nannies can help you find the perfect live-in nanny for your family's needs.

Main advantages of a Live In Nanny Position

As you may already have read on our Live In or Live Out Nannies article on our Nannies Page, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides (nanny and family) in the live in nanny role. Ultimately the main draw for a nanny to a live in position is convenience, no time & money is lost on commuting, furthermore Kinder's nanny families often live in beautiful homes in desirable locations such as Kensington & Chelsea, or big country houses in the home counties. These offer accommodation which the nanny may otherwise not be able to secure for her or himself.

For the family, if they can spare a bedroom, bedroom and bathroom or  even a self contained nanny annex, the advantages of employing a live in nanny far outweigh any negatives. Parents can relax, knowing that nanny will not get held up in traffic on their way to work, or be stuck on the train due to signaling problems! Nanny may also be able to be slightly more flexible with their working hours than a live out nanny. Lastly having a live in nanny does cost a little less, assuming you already have the accommodation available.

We will find your perfect nanny

Kick off our bespoke search with payment of our nominal registration fee. Our service fee will only be paid upon success - when you engage one of our nannies. All placements backed by a free replacement guarantee - simply ask, and we shall send our fees and terms.

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Free consultation to find the best childcare arrangement for you.

When you call and speak to our nanny recruitment consultants they will be happy to discuss with you which arrangement might suit you better and the salary required to secure the right nanny for your circumstances.

Our live in nanny jobs are most often offered by family employers in very central London locations; Mayfair, Westminster, Belgravia, and other similar locations where it can be more difficult for nannies to commute to on a daily basis and still cover a daily shift of up to 12 hours (7am til 7pm).
We do also receive requests for a live in nanny from families in zones 2 & 3 in London. Outside of the cities, families who live in rural locations, who maybe have a large country house where they also have accommodation within the home or a nanny annexe within the grounds, are also likely to offer live in nanny roles. This opens up their pool of candidates to far more candidates than if they were restricted to sourcing locally. There will not be many suitable nannies ,available for work, located closely enough to commute as a live out nanny. However the agency can certainly put forward good, suitable nannies who are happy to relocate and accept a live in position with good accommodation.

Kinder Nannies International Nanny & Governess Agency

Kinder Nannies' works for families internationally. The vast proportion of our international nanny jobs are for live in roles and the employees are happy to relocate quite far to a good new position.  For these roles a live in arrangement is usually preferable for both family employer and  nanny employee. Having said that, some of our client employers are open to the nanny living out, as long as accommodation is secured within easy commutable distance of their place of work.

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Employing a live in Nanny, successfully.

So, you’ve selected you wonderful new Kinder Nanny, from the best nanny agency in London, and it’s the first time you are employing a live in nanny. After the relief and joy of finding an amazing nanny has subsided, your thoughts will turn to how best to make the live in nanny arrangement work!
Kinder Nannies is here to help!

Presuming that you like nanny and she/ he's great with your children, then you will want to ensure she/ he stays as long as possible. This means making it work for her/him, just as much as for you.

Live In nanny

If your live in nanny will occupy a bedroom within your home, as opposed to a separate nanny annexe, then bear these points in mind:

• If possible try to select a bedroom that will give her / him and you as much privacy as possible. Without, that is, placing her in an unattractive, small room for the sake of the increased distance from your bedroom. Maintaining privacy and independence is one of the key points on both sides.
• The room must be of a size where she feels she can live, not just sleep. Space for a separate small seating area is preferred. The room must also contain a comfortable, reasonably sized adult bed/ mattress, sufficient storage space for clothes, draws and hanging space (wardrobe). The room must be spotlessly clean, and furnishings should be of good quality. The room must have a window, good ventilation, and be bright. Natural light is conducive to a good mood! A writing / laptop desk, television and other small table is also good. If possible include some sort of shelving.
• Make it absolutely clear to nanny to what extent she/he may alter the room to make it feel like home. If you are open, discuss with them if they would like any changes made to the room or décor to make your live in nanny feel more comfortable.

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What should we consider including in the live in nanny's contract?

The nanny employment contract should include a separate section which governs the ‘live in’ element of the job. The contract will stipulate that the room needs to be left in the same condition as at the beginning, taking into account fair wear and tear. The contract will also stipulate that the room only comes with the job and when nanny ceases to work for you their right to the room also ceases.
• You may wish to include in the contract your guest policy. Is nanny permitted to invite friends over? If so when and when not. Can the guests be male. You may wish to state that guests may come but to always check with you first and not too frequently and maybe no males. Be mindful that whilst you wish nanny to feel at home, you do not wish to have unknown strangers in the home with your children there, particularly if you are not home. If your nanny must be DBS checked, then maybe you would require this of her regular guests also?

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Access to facilities and ground rules

• A live in nanny will greatly appreciate having her/his own bathroom. If that is not possible, then a bathroom shared only with the children. Many nannies will not choose to accept a live in job where the whole family shares just 1 bathroom. If nanny cannot have her/his own bathroom then you could consider installing at least a wash hand basin in their room.
• Set and agree upon reasonable ground-rules at the very start

There does need to be an element of give and take. Nanny will be happy in the role if she is happy with the job and the living arrangements, and will stay longer term. Longer term is of course preferable for you and the children, to minimise disruption and avoid paying nanny agency fees too often!
• If the kitchen is shared, do discuss who will cook meals and when your live in nanny has access to the kitchen.
• Discuss access to other areas of the home also. Bear in mind that your employee needs access to the kitchen and bathroom, but it can be kept to a minimum at certain times if you request.
• Are you considering a curfew? If so make it clear when this will be and on what days. We advise against curfews as your nanny is an independent adult. Simply explain to them how to enter the house quietly and exactly how the locks/ alarms work. And practice this. You may need to have a clear system for knowing who is last home, so that no other family member inadvertently locks another out.
• Be clear on what foods/ toiletries he she will need to buy for herself / himself.

  • It is also crucial that the nanny has complete time off when she is not on duty. Do not lean on her too much to start a bit earlier or stay a bit later. Nannies work long hours and they work best when  their working hours are respected. For babysitting, do not assume they will babysit, ask them and if it is not included in the contract do make sure you pay them for the extra hours.
  • Furthermore it is very important to ensure that your children respect a live in nanny's space and time off. Do not allow them to visit nanny in her free time. She will not have the heart to send them out, but she may feel that her free time and her private space has been invaded.

Nanny Job with separate Nanny Annexe

If you will be offering your nanny a separate self-contained flat or nanny annexe then the arrangement is likely to be more enjoyable for both sides.

Still take note of the points mentioned above, but with a greater separation you and your nanny will have far more privacy and independence.

It is a good idea to arrange a regular inspection of the accommodation and to have this written into the nanny contract, so as not to offend when it comes to inspection time. This is for your benefit, to make sure everything with their (your) accommodation is in order and there are no repairs being required of which you had not been aware. This ensures the accommodation is kept in a proper order, so that it is not being devalued in any way. Inspections must be made clear at the start and a date for the check should be given with fair notice. Do not barge in unannounced, or nanny might see that as a huge intrusion of privacy and it could cause the working relationship considerable problems.

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