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Kinder Nanny and Private Staff Agency London UK.

Who we are and what we do.

Kinder Nannies and staff places high calibre, professional nannies and household staff with busy professional, UHNW and high profile families.

In addition to the checks (criminal history etc) we analyse candidates' experience, qualifications and skills. In particular we pay considerable attention to a candidates' references, personality and attitude.

We work hard to make sure you get the right nanny or staff member who will stay with you long-term.

Who we work for and which areas Kinder Nannies and Staff specialises in

Kinder clients are professional families, VIP and UHNW families in the UK and overseas.

Our dedicated consultants are seasoned professionals with the experience to identify exceptional candidates and weed out those who fall short. Our nanny and private staff consultants work conscientiously on your behalf, putting you first at all times. We'll find your perfect employee and keep the process stress-free and seamless.

We guarantee our clients the highest quality of service, comprehensive support and expert guidance throughout and after the placement. If there's a problem, we'll sort it for you.

Kinder Nannies and Staff is a long-standing member of the professional Association of Nanny Agencies.

Bespoke, discreet, professional

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Why we come highly recommended:

If you're here through a friend's recommendation, you will already expect our first class recruitment service and top class candidates. We will advise you from the start as to what you can expect from candidates, how best to conduct your search and what potential pitfalls you need to look out for. Together we will make sure we are targeting the right candidates for you to interview.

Kinder Nannies works closely with our clients to provide a fully bespoke service.  We know that your time is precious and making the right choice of candidate is vital.  Let's be honest, neither 'Mary Poppins' the nanny nor 'Jeeves' the valet really exist  - but we'll get as close thereto as possible for you!

Our private staff recruitment service is bespoke, discreet and sincere; we

  • are dedicated to finding you staff you will be excited to hire!
  • provide a comprehensive, holistic service, guiding way, through the search and negotiating with your chosen nanny / staff candidate
  • always reply to You promptly, be it by 'phone or email - according to Your preference.
  • Kinder Staff Nanny Agency London, UK is happy when You are happy! We love to make successful long-term placements, and this is what motivates us. We put You and Your family's happiness first.

We are happy to work through your PA, EA, House Manager or Family Office.

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Kinder Nannies & Private Staff  Agency London UK, recognises that our clients lead busy lives; therefore we are happy to conduct the search through your EA or PA. We are also more than happy to work with Concierge Services  and Family Offices.

The Kinder Nannies team is headed by Gillian. This is her bio and an insight into Kinder Nannies and Staff’s core values and competencies.

"Hi, I'm Gillian. I'm passionate about giving children the best possible start in life. If you need a nanny, why not invest in the best available nanny. If you can, why wouldn't you engage a nanny who not only possesses exceptional skills and experience, but also inspires your children, instilling them with confidence and fostering a lasting passion for learning. There is a huge range and difference in nannies; from those who are great supervisors, up to those who have additional talents and skills which can have immeasurable life-long benefits for your children’s education, success and happiness. Consider a nanny-educator, degree-educated bilingual nanny or nanny-governess. Someone with real spark and passion.

I am also a strong believer in learning additional languages, and the best time to start this is babyhood! Language learning is proven to make children more intelligent due to the brain synapses which are created when learning a language. But that’s not all, many families have parents or grandparents who are speakers of other languages. If the child does not learn this other language then they might never feel like a true national of that country, or have that close relationship with extended family. Becoming fluent in 2 or more languages opens doors and gives a firmer base for proper understanding of the culture of other countries.

I'm proud to be half British and half German, and having married a German national, my children are actually ¾ German. I have personally gone to great lengths to ensure my three children grow up fully bilingually; which is not always that easy in the UK particularly when both parents work full time. Having an amazing german speaking nanny was essential.

I have a BSc in German & French with economics and have lived in France and Germany. I'm yet to master Spanish and Italian, but they are on my to do list!

Before joining the recruitment industry I worked in international banking. I credit this with making me, and by extension the Kinder Team, careful and precise in our work, as in finance a small error could lead to a huge loss. I also have an acute understanding of busy and working parents and the necessity of having reliable, professional and trustworthy childcare. Furthermore, childcare by someone skilled in nurturing, inspiring and raising confident children and setting them on course to achieve the very best they can in all areas.

In my limited free time, I enjoy seeing friends and family, travel, good food, hiking and tennis."

Kinder Nannies & Staff - what is happening in 2022/23?

Brexit and the pandemic have worked together to reduce the numbers of nannies available. Historically many EU nannies have come to the UK to work, but this is no longer possible. This impacts the total number of nannies in the UK, and in particular European nannies.

Demand for nannies remains strong, yet there are fewer good nannies available. This has had a marked impact on nanny salaries, which have seen a significant increase over the past year.

The government has officially identified there to be a shortage of private nannies. This means foreign nannies can be eligible for a visa to work in the UK. To successfully apply for the visa nannies must prove a minimum, acceptable level of English, be educated to a particular level (eg. university degree) and be in possession of a relatively well paid job offer. However the UK government does not allow private families to sponsor visas, and for this reason, nannies from Europe and beyond are left unable to enter the UK to work as a private nanny. See more on the UK's Skilled Worker Visa

We are hoping this will change.

Fortunately Kinder Nannies and Staff, which counts  Bilingual and Multi-lingual nannies amongst its specialities, has large numbers of EU citizens (German speakers, French speakers, Spanish and Italian speakers) already registered on our books and in the UK. Our Bilingual nannies have Settled or Pre-Settled status, and are already living, and working, here in the UK.

If you need a bilingual nanny Kinder Nannies & Staff can  source the right staff for you, quickly. We serve London, Europe and worldwide locations.

Love Kinder and want to join our team?

We are hiring! If you love what we do but don't want a nanny job you can apply to work for us in the agency instead!