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Elderly Care Companion



Private Chef

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Elderly Companion

There is a time in the lives of most older people between being fit and totally independent and needing nursing care in sheltered accommodation or a care home. When the first stage is definitely behind you, you want to prolong this middle stage for as long as possible before reaching care and nursing home. Our Kinder Elderly Companions help keep you in the middle stage for as long as possible, thus maintaining independence and enabling you (or your elderly parent/s) to stay in your own home for as long as possible.

Our Elderly Companions live in (in your spare bedroom or annexe) and they support the elderly person/s in practical ways, but it is important to note that they are not nurses nor trained carers, for those you will need to contact a care agency or ask your GP)

Duties an Elderly Companion can undertake :

  • Preparation of (reasonably) nutritious meals and snacks
  • Laundry (washing bedding & clothes)
  • Changing bedding
  • Small amount of ironing
  • Helping to keep the home clean and tidy
  • Some Elderly Companions are happy to help a little with pets (feeding and walking)
  • Accompanying the elderly person/s to the doctor or shopping.
  • Accompanying the elderly person/s on a stroll/ walk
  • Helping them to dress and possibly assisting into or out of the bath/ shower (not lifting)
  • Helping to remind the elderly person/s to take their medication
  • Being on stand-by during the night should the elderly person/s need assistance to reach the bathroom.
  • Providing the security to them and to their family of knowing that there is someone with them who can act should they have a fall or incur a sudden illness.

Tutor Governess

A Tutor Governess / Governor may work part-time or full time and usually lives with the family. Where families have young children the Tutor  may be a Nanny Tutor, performing a mixture of Nanny and Tutor duties.

Tutor Governess / Governors  are highly sought after in the London area and also overseas; Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Russia, China. They may be required to travel if the family regularly moves to different countries or different cities.

Some tutors have degrees and training in teaching or in specialised subjects and often part-time tutors will provide more of a supportive role, with the children receiving most of their education at a school but receiving additional tutoring or support at home.

You may specify which skills you need (maths, Spanish, English etc)

Estate Manager

An Estate Manager is a top level staff position. It is a Job which can vary very much in definition according to the employers' situation. They manage the property and grounds. An Estate Manager may be in charge of a large home or multiple homes or be working for a small luxury hotel. Managers may be in charge of a large team of staff and will report directly to the owner to plan and execute operations.

These roles can be live-in if an annexe or separate accommodation within the grounds is available, otherwise live out.

The role requires someone with training, a good level of previous experience in this area of management, meticulous attention to detail, excellent organisation and leadership skills as well as discretion.

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Chauffeur / Driver

What better job can there be if you love cars, adore driving and enjoy working for important interesting people. This is how Kinder Chauffeurs see it.

You provide the car and they provide the chauffeured experience.

Drivers can be particularly helpful to:

  • Chauffeur you to and from work. A little luxury if you work long hours. You may choose to relax or to work whilst you are being driven.
  • Drive you longer distances if you regularly need to visit different locations for work.
  • Particularly helpful if you live in a rural location where transport is not close. Or should you prefer not to take public transport.
  • If your family has many requirements to be taken to school/ nursery / sports / social engagements / shopping. A large family may keep a chauffeur busy all day!
  • Having your own dedicated chauffeur means you are always escorted in your own car, with no need to book and no chance of a driver not showing up (as when booked through another company).

Private Chef

We are told that eating regularly and healthily should be one our top priorities. That is all very well, however it takes time and planning and not a little skill to make nutritious, balanced meals every day. Those who can engage the help of a trained chef. A Private Chef will take meal stress out of your life.

Benefits of employing a Private Chef:

  • Prepare meals according to your time-table
  • Cater for your / your family's preferences and crucially cater for those with food intolerances and food allergies. Food allergies and intolerances are on the increase, and can make meal preparation hard work and time costly when there are members in a family who have different requirements.
  • Cater for any special weight-loss or other health related diet.
  • Working part-time a private chef can also make meals which can be stored/ frozen to be eaten on other days of the week.
  • Families with babies/ young children who want to ensure their children receive the best, freshest food, which cannot be achieved through shop-bought baby food.
  • Helpful in catering for different requirements of different family members, where different menus need to be provided, thus saving the family much time.
  • A housekeeper may be a good cook and a nanny may be able to provide a good standard of meal to the children, but they are not food specialists and do not have the training or  experience to provide the benefits listed above to the level of a Private Chef.
  • A private chef is an invaluable support if you enjoy entertaining at home.

Household Manager

A Household Manager can be the best solution to oversee a large, staffed home. The House Manager will be in charge of the other staff and will report directly to the head of the family. This position is similar to that of Housekeeper but with more and wider reaching responsibilities; it is also similar to that of a Butler and Estate Manager.

Duties of a House Managers :

  • Manage the other household staff (nannies, housekeeper, chauffeur, chef)
  • Recruit new household staff
  • Schedule and manage all repairs and maintenance within the house and garden/ estate.
  • Manage contractors, cleaning staff, entertaining, laundry.
  • Manage food and menu planning.
  • Handle household bills, orders and deliveries.

This is never a junior position. A person may only become a House Manager when they have considerable experience of running a household and of the different areas of domestic service and household maintenance.

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This role very much depends on the size of the garden / estate. If they are large then the Gardener may be the Head Gardener responsible for a team. For smaller lands this could be a single person working full or part time. Please tell us your requirements and we will source the right candidates for you.

Gardener roles are more likely to be live-out, but some may be live-in if you possess and annexe or separate accommodation of some sort.

Candidates range from those who have relatively little training but who have hands-on experience and who are happy to work hard, mowing, pruning, weeding and planting etc. to those with proper training and a horticultural / landscaping background or interest.

More experienced candidates are comfortable directing a team of gardeners/ part-time gardeners when required.


Positions for Butlers and Valets were for some time on the decrease. Now they are very much in demand as larger families and larger households with time-poor heads of household cannot function well without the reliable, professional and discrete help of a trained Butler.

A Butler's role can be similar to a House Manager or a Houseman. Exactly what the role may comprise is down to the client, but is likely to include some or most of the following:

Responsibilities of a Butler or Valet may include being in charge of / overseeing:

  • household and estate maintenance.
  • car maintenance
  • Security, personnel and systems
  • Other household staff
  • Clothing, purchase, repair and cleaning of.
  • Family's valuables

A Butler position is paid well in recognition of experience and skills required and the long hours often worked. Factors determining exact pay will include;

  • location
  • whether live-in or live-out
  • exact duties and responsibilities
  • hours

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant can be used in a business setting or for a private person's business and private life. They will assist in communications (by phone, email, letter) making arrangements and are expected to use their experience to pro-actively guide and take action where permitted.

These employees are adept at organising and have developed a broad range of skills. Personal Assistants may deal with invoices and bills, set up accounts, help source other staff, organise travel itineraries and take on the bulk of the communication sent to the Principal on his/ her behalf.

Your PA is expected to be an excellent communicator and quick thinking. Discretion, great judgement and being pro-active are essential traits.

More personal assistants are required each year as the market for them grows. You may wish to employ a full time or part time personal assistant, or consider a Virtual assistant  who may  work remotely for most or even all of the time.

Ask us for a PA who has previously worked in a similar position to the one you are looking to fill. They will have already shown/proven their competence and will also be quicker to on-board.

Kinder Personal Assistant

Special Needs Companion

A Special Needs Companion is similar to an Elderly Companion and is not a carer but daily assistant to those with imited mobility or other similar limitations. They are not nurses or trained medically in any way. They help with shopping, meal preparation, light housework, possibly light pet care, general support and errands and of course companionship.

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Many smaller households employ a Housekeeper but they can also be part of the staff in a larger household. A housekeeper's primary responsibilities are :

  • Keeping the home clean and tidy
  • Preparing meals and cooking.
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
Housekeeper may also be called upon to a lesser degree to:
  • Occasional babysitting of children
  • Light pet care
  • Polishing woods and silverware
  • Mending clothes
  • Specialist care of furs, silks, woolens, stains

'Career' Housekeepers will have had training and experience and demand a considerably higher salary than lesser experienced housekeepers - those who do not have experience in cleaning precious objects and fine clothes. Many lesser experienced housekeepers have gained most of their experience from looking after their own homes.


Valets are personal domestic assistants for men. A Valet is to a gentleman what a Lady's Maid is to a lady. They will help in all areas of a gentleman's wardrobe, grooming, domestic and social life.

A valet must be utterly discrete, pro-active and quick thinking and must look ahead to anticipate the principal's needs, ideally before being asked. A valet needs to be the gentleman's trusted support, aiding the busy principal and requiring minimal direction.

Valets with training and experience will be an immediate asset to any busy gentleman, but the best working relationship is naturally developed over some time, as the valet learns the precise requirements, routines and personality of his principal. A Valet's role can overlap with that of a Butler or Houseman.

A valet will be required to assist with:
  • care and planning of the wardrobe
  • grooming
  • making social, business or private appointments
  • personal errands
  • arranging travel and hotels
  • making purchases on the gentleman's behalf
  • composing letters, making phone calls
  • and the multitude of personal/ domestic requests which fall between the above.

Lady's Maid

In days gone by every lady would have been attended to by a Lady's Maid, but the position almost entirely died out. These days there is, once more, an increasing demand for a Lady's Maid; and the duties have moved with the times. A Lady's Maid will attend to the Lady's needs, clothes, comforts and other requests but will also act as her Personal Assistant.

A Lady's Maid will ensure that her employer is supported in all things regarding her personal and social life and ensure that clothes and possessions cared for and cleaned appropriately.

A Lady's Maid will be called upon to assist with:
  • Appearance; make-up, hair, clothes, jewellery and shoes.
  • Making social, personal or business arrangements or sending messages on her employer's behalf.
  • Personal errands and bookings.
  • Care and planning of the wardrobe, and the multitude of personal/ domestic requests which fall between the above.

The position is paid according to situation and the level of experience and skills required.

Yacht Crew

Yachts are usually between 50-450 ft and require many Crew to run and maintain the vessel. Depending on the size of the yacht and whether it is in use or just ticking over at port, the size of the Crew will vary accordingly.

Main yacht crew members consist of:
  • Captain
  • Engineer
  • Cook
  • Steward

The itinerary (destinations) is decided by the owner and when the owner, their friends or private customers are on board the Yacht Crew will normally visit exciting, exotic or otherwise interesting destinations. Student and Gap Year crew applicants view this as one of best means of 'paid for' travel.

The Yachting world employs a large number of Crew. There are full time positions and seasonal positions for both experienced crew and those with yet no experience.

Looking for a Job as Yacht Crew?

You must be a good swimmer! Furthermore, all crew are required to have STCW 95, this is an entry level basic safety training and required for everyone planning to work on any boat. STCW-95 (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) is usually a 5 day course which costs approx. £750 GBP  (Kinder Staff is not itself affiliated with any training company). Certificates last for 5 yrs.

STCW training comprises:
  • First Aid
  • Security Awareness
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  • Personal Survival Techniques
Even if you have limited experience you can help in a supportive role as a Deckhand, Stewardess or Cook with duties such as:
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Laundry
  • Painting
  • Service Food & Drinks
  • Washing decks
  • Furthermore if you have these skills you can use them :
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Diving & other water sports & fishing
  • Cooking
  • Childcare (Nanny, babysitter)
  • Bartending

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