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When you ask Kinder Nannies & Staff Agency to help you find the perfect Nanny or Private Staff for your family you know that you will receive the best service from experienced recruitment professionals.

Kinder will deliver outstanding candidates and exceptional service whoever you are. However, we are very understanding of the needs of 'HNW', 'UHNW', 'VIP' or 'Celebrity' families for whom, privacy and discretion and their often quite different lifestyles may necessitate a particular set of qualities in the candidates recruited or employment conditions.

By this we mean that when these high net worth families are paying a premium for employees with a particular set of skills, soft-skills, qualifications, other attributes or experience, these families, or those responsible for the recruitment need to be assured that all those particular credentials are fully met.

It is not uncommon for us to be instructed to source candidates who are tri-lingual, accomplished pianist, fully computer literate, degree-educated and for the employment contracts to include strict NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). A British qualified nanny is also highly sought after by families in UK and internationally.

However, it is important to understand that these 'premium' 'super nannies' and highly accomplished staff demand a correspondingly high salary and or benefits.

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Helpful and Accommodating Nanny & Private Staff Agency

Kinder Nannies & Staff is a bespoke, superior class nanny and private staff recruitment agency which delivers high calibre staff for vip, uhnw and celebrity families. We are trusted by our clients to source top quality staff within a tight deadline.

In catering for our high level clientele we happy to work with appointed Personal Assistants (PAs), Executive Assistants (EAs) Concierge services or House Managers who may be recruiting on the Principal's behalf. - You simply need to inform us, whether you are recruiting for yourself or on behalf of your employer.

We are service and client-happiness oriented. You ask, we deliver!

British Nannies and British Staff

Kinder Nannies and Staff specialises in Bilingual and British staff. With our International Clients our native English speaking nannies are particularly popular and our English and British nannies are employed all over the world. Fortunately, our British nannies and British staff have adventurous spirit in their DNA!

Our elite, qualified and trained British nannies and staff are looking for not only an attractive salary, which recognises their skills and experience, but also good working conditions. To successfully employ our top candidates you need to offer good accommodation -with privacy, a well organised house-hold, a happy cohesive atmosphere, some perks and, if you feel they are doing well, to make sure they feel valued. For more tips, just get in touch!

Increasing demand for top level private staff

Whilst the percentage of employees entering the private household staff sector had been in severe decline since WW1, it is certainly once more on the increase. With machines, automation and robots in the home (think self guided vacuum cleaner robot) we may not be reaching previous levels, however with the rise of the international elite demand for top tier private staff is growing, and so too are their salaries.

Here's an article by the F.T. (Financial Times) which covers House Managers and elite Tutors in particular.

Nannies & Private Staff in UK

Kinder places all types of Nannies, Maternity staff and domestic private household staff with families throughout London and whole of the UK. Need a Maternity Nurse in Manchester or a Butler in Bath? It's no problem.

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Nannies & Private Staff in Europe

We work for families throughout Europe; Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy... you name it. Need a Nanny Governess in Milan, or a Private Chef in Austria? Just let our staff know! They will do the rest.

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Nannies & Private Staff International

Kinder Nannies & Staff places top tier, experienced and qualified Nannies and Staff world-wide. From Butlers in Australia to Nannies in Dubai, we've got it covered. Simply call or send through your enquiry, and we will look after you.

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