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Whatever you are looking for in a Nanny, if she/ he is out there, we shall find them! Kinder Nanny Agency in London UK is instructed by You, as to what additional attributes and skills your new nanny should have.

Kinder Nannies is a truly bespoke nanny agency, in London, where personalised service and a personalised search come first. Every family is different, and your requirements will reflect this.

Our high-end service caters to multi-staffed households and to professional families alike. And you will immediately know that you are in safe, and experienced hands.

We undertake a comprehensive search through our extensive books, and check daily for new applications. Kinder Nannies will also pro-actively advertise to find you your perfect nanny.

Is there a good nanny near me?

KINDER Nannies has an considerable database of  excellent nannies and are guaranteed to have good nannies near you. Our reach is far and wide, and we use many different channels to discretely find your perfect new nanny. 

We have trained and qualified nannies on our books, located throughout London, the UK, Europe and in fact Internationally. We have native English nannies, and bilingual nannies; we have Tutors, maternity nurses and nanny-housekeepers.

How to select a good, reliable nanny

As a top nanny agency in London and a member of prestigious ANA, we are expert nanny finders and will therefore always search for a nanny with the:

  • Right Experience (relevant and recent)
  • the Right Personality (initiative, reliable, good with children+)
  • Clean enhanced DBS check (recent)
  • Good References (checked verbally)
  • other Key Attributes (drives, available long term, educated, well mannered, good work ethic, flexible+)

Furthermore we will ensure that the nannies are fully briefed on the role you are looking to fill, before we put them forward. 

What checks does a nanny agency conduct?

When hiring a nanny through Kinder, we want you to know that all our Kinder nannies :

  • are Interviewed and Assessed by our experienced nanny consultants in London, or internationally.
  • a Minimum of 2, usually 3 References are Checked.
  • all Supporting Documents are Checked (passport, certificates, nanny qualifications etc.)
  • require proof of nanny's address (for identification purposes)
  • CV is Scrutinised for everything it does and does Not contain. Any discrepancies in dates etc. are investigated. 

At any point in our dealings with a nanny, if we incur doubts and are no longer fully satisfied about their suitability, then we will place terminate their candidacy.

The Kinder Nannies team are professionals who take our work seriously and it is important to us that we get it right and exceed your expectations. We aim to make finding a top nanny as easy, even joyful, for you as possible!

Nanny Search; What happens next?

If the prospective nanny passes our stringent selection procedures, we will we put them forward to you. This will include:

  • Our interview notes
  • Nanny's CV and / or comprehensive application form

Often including:

  • Short video/ audio introduction by the nanny
  • Cover letter; why they are applying to be your nanny and why they believe they are perfect for your job.
  •  Written references (if we have them in writing)

Personal and sensitive information is held by the agency and will be shared with the family employer, but not during the earliest stages of interview (eg. DBS check, passport)

You then decide if you agree that the nanny could be suitable, and we then arrange the interview.

Some clients have an immediate sense of whether the candidate is right (or wrong) for them after the first interview; and may offer nanny the job at this stage already. Others go on to arrange a second interview or a short trial with the nanny. In fact many families like to see how their prospective new nanny interacts with their children before making a job offer.

Get in touch with us to find out more about trials, or see our terms & conditions for details.

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Nanny Duties, what does a nanny do?

Nannies can look after babies and children of all ages, but they, like anyone else, may have a preference for looking after babies, pre-schoolers or school aged children. But beware; just because a person calls themselves a nanny does not mean that they are actually qualified to be one!

An agency will always check which qualifications the nanny has and how much experience she/ he has had with children of each different age. An experienced nanny is likely to have several qualifications and training in children's sleep, nutrition, development or such like.

Nanny is responsible for everything concerning the children, this includes:

  • Playing with them, furthering their development and learning through play
  • Aiding a child's intellectual progress, reading to them and with them and working on puzzles
  • Preparing nutritious, age-appropriate meals for babies & children
  • Laundry (washing and maybe ironing) for children
  • Keeping their rooms tidy and clean
  • Keeping the children clean; bathing little ones, and reminding the bigger ones.
  • Arranging their social life; including taking little ones to play groups, music etc. Arranging playdates at the family home & accepting playdates at another child's home (with nanny and if permitted by the parents).
  • From babyhood up nanny should be encouraging learning and provide a stimulating environment for the child. However, older children may benefit from the addition of a tutor or maybe a tutor-governess to assist with school work.

Nanny pay scale, how much do nannies earn?

  • Live Out Nanny - £14.00 - £18.00 Gross per hour
  • Live In Nanny - £10.00 - £15.00 Gross per hour

This is very broad of course and is based on a full time salary (50 hours per week). Pay depends on the role, how many children, the exact duties and requirements of your role. For particularly experienced and highly skilled nannies the hourly rate can be £20 gross per. And for part time positions, pay can also be £20 per hour - as nannies, like any other employee need to make a living wage and it is often tricky to find a 2nd suitable job to fit around their main part time nanny job.

Most employers have a budget; some can afford a very experienced, bi-lingual, Norland-trained nanny with musical skills. Others cannot and may take a less experienced nanny, or junior nanny, or just opt for fewer hours to keep their costs down.

Most nannies will have a good idea of the level of pay they are looking for. Some however may accept a lower pay, if they feel the job is otherwise perfect for them. When you are considering hiring a nanny the Agency will advise you on a case by case basis.

Smiley 3mth old baby boy

Different employment options, Nanny

Full time Nanny / part time Nanny                   Register for a Kinder Nanny / Staff

If you ask a nanny what they prefer, they will usually opt to work a full time position with 1 family, Monday - Friday 8 to 10 hours per day. However, that only reflects a minority of positions offered. Families where both parents work full time need nanny to start before they leave for work and to stay until at least 1 parent has returned home. This means that nannies are very often required to work 11 or 12 hours per day. It is also common that 1 parent works part time and might need part time Nanny help only on 3 or 4 days per week.

KINDER Nannies have nannies for most variations of nanny jobs, part time, full time, live in or live out nannies. Where a nanny works part-time they will often take on a 2nd part-time nanny position to make up the hours so they can achieve a 'full time' weekly salary which they can live from.

What hours do nannies prefer to work?

Generally speaking, nannies would prefer to work slightly more hours (ca. 45-50 hours) to earn a good salary rather than fewer hours (eg. 30) for which they would receive lower pay. But too many hours is also not so appealing (eg. 60+ p/w) to all nannies and needs to be paid particularly well.

Live In or Live Out Nannies (Residential or Daily Nanny)

Nanny building towers with 2 childrenYou may already have thought about which arrangement works better for you, or maybe you are undecided. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding upon employing daily nanny or residential nanny:

Live In Nanny, advantages (from the family's point of view)

  • Avoids daily stress of wondering if Nanny will arrive on time, so that you are not late for work / children late to school etc.
  • No commute, which is better when Nanny needs to work a long days.
  • Can offer more flexibility in terms of working hours (this MUST be discussed with Nanny first, as they do not like to be taken advantage of just because they live at work).
  • Salary may be slightly lower, as Nanny receives board and lodging when living in (accommodation and some or all meals).
  • Can open a wider pool of candidates to choose from. So, if you live in an expensive area where nannies can't afford to live, choosing a live in nanny means your search is not restricted to those fewer candidates within commuting distance of your home.
  • More likely to be open to evening babysitting (but don't over do it - if nanny is already working a long day...)

Note to family: more experienced or independently minded nannies often prefer to live-out, even if it means commuting. This is mainly to preserve their own private lives, or if they have their own families.

Disadvantages (from the family's point of view)

  • perceived loss of privacy (some basic rules and tweaks can help guard privacy)
  • giving up a bedroom (and possibly bathroom) in your home
  • giving up an annexe which could otherwise be let out, or used by guests
  • just because you like someone enough to employ them, does not necessarily mean you want them in your home on a permanent basis.
  • you may have very different routine or ways of living which might make an otherwise good working relationship a little strained. For example, one might rise very early when the other wants to sleep, or one might cook later in the evening when the other wants the kitchen tidied and closed.

Pay Scale for nannies; what do live out and live in nannies earn?

  • Live Out Nanny - £14.00 - £19.00 Gross per hour
  • Live In Nanny - £10.00 - £15.00 Gross per hour

Other nanny options:young boy and manny read book together

Not all jobs and circumstances are 'the norm'; in fact most people would say of themselves that their circumstances are far from 'average'. Kinder nanny agency in London offers you plentiful guidance to help you find your perfect nanny:

  • weekend nanny
  • after-school nanny (often with full time in the school holidays)
  • wrap-around nanny (before & after school / nursery only)
  • term time only nanny
  • short-term nanny, maternity cover nanny or emergency nanny
  • holiday nanny
  • travelling nanny
  • shared nanny or nanny with their own child  - NWOC nanny (can be cost effective)
  • night nanny
  • rota nanny
  • London nannies
  • County nannies
  • Manny (Male Nanny)
  • bi-lingual nanny (or see below)
  • maternity nurse (or see below)
  • junior nanny (or see below)
  • nanny housekeeper (or see below)
  • nanny PA (see below)

Our friendly London nanny agency is happy to discuss all these options with you. Of the list above it is only the 'wrap-around nanny' and 'after school nanny' positions which can be more tricky to fill.

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Bilingual Nanny reads book to 2 happy young children

Junior Nanny

Our Junior Nannies are very popular! An experienced nanny is wonderful, they have worked for several families before and can almost hit the ground running when starting a new nanny job. However, experience comes at a price, and a less experienced, junior nanny, will usually demand a lower salary than an experienced nanny.

Our KINDER Junior Nannies might have 1-3 years experience, or little experience but childcare qualifications / training. Alternatively the Junior Nanny might have reasonable experience or training in their home country but not have worked in the UK before.

Experience is important, but equally as important is to find someone with the right personality.

Often someone with the right personality and attributes can ultimately be a better choice than someone with the right experience but whose personality is not well matched for your family. Experience can be gained and skills learned, but most people cannot change their personality. Many of our families seek someone bubbly, outgoing, with a real love of children, and they will prioritise that over a some more qualified nannies who may have lost their 'spark' somewhere along the line...

Junior Nanny Salary

Should you only require comparatively few hours (eg. 35 p/w), you ought to pay a higher hourly rate  to attract good candidates. Likewise if you need a lot of hours (eg. 60 p/w) you might need to pay a bit more to attract people to the position.

Pay Scale :

  • Live Out Junior Nanny - £11.00 - £13.00 Gross per hour
  • Live In Junior Nanny - £9.00 - £11.00 Gross per hour
gorgeous smiley baby

Maternity Nurse

Having a baby is the most wonderful event, but as incredible as it is, it can, at the same time, be overwhelming and also subject to unanticipated complications.

Many first time mothers opt for a maternity nurse - if they can. Whether it is for the first few days or the first few weeks, investing in a maternity nurse can make the difference between the new arrival being a truly amazing experience or a rather nerve-wracking one.

An experienced Maternity nurse will provide 1 to 1 support to the new mother, guidance, tips on all areas of newborn baby care, bathing, breast-feeding, latching on, nappy changing, night feeding etc. as well as supporting the postpartum mother, particularly after a Caesarean section. Furthermore, when the mother needs a break (and who does not?!) the maternity nurse takes over to allow the mother much needed sleep, rest and recuperation.

This can be seen as a luxury, but with the rise in incidences of postnatal depression 'baby blues', many partners working a 12 hour day and many grandparents being too far away or too elderly to offer their support it is regarded by some as simply a necessity.

Is it normal to employ a Maternity Nurse when it's not your first baby?

Maternity nurses are not only for first-time mothers. If you have older children, toddlers, pre-schoolers or older, it can be exhausting to meet their needs at the same time as nursing a new baby (feeding every 2-3 hours). A Maternity nurse will not stay forever (!) but can be instrumental in helping the new, bigger family adjust to their new lives and to find their way and their new routine.

KINDER's maternity nurses are wonderful! Full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Most of our maternity nurses have qualifications and considerable experience in newborn care, sleep, etc. and naturally come with good checkable references.

Maternity Nurse Pay Scale :  

  • Daily (24 hr) for a 1 baby:  £180 - £240
  • Daily (24 hr) for 2+ babies: £200 - £300
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Nanny Housekeepers are always in high demand. As the name suggests it is a combination of 2 roles, which makes it a very attractive solution for families.

As an experienced Nanny Housekeeper agency in London we are adept at finding those nanny house keepers who have good experience in both housekeeping and childcare.

Nanny housekeepers have experience with children and also with housework, cooking etc. However, they cannot carry out both duties simultaneously; unless the children are older and do not need to be watched over, instead they split their day between the two roles.

Nanny housekeepers tend to have more 'life experience' than those wanting a simple 'nanny' role and they are more likely to have been born outside of the UK.

It is harder work and requires more skills to combine both roles and for that reason nanny housekeepers are often paid more than a straight 'nanny'.

Nanny Housekeeper Duties include :

Normal nanny duties, childcare, cooking for children, laundry for children, aiding development (reading books, playing games etc).

  • Cooking for the family
  • Laundry for the family
  • Ironing for the family
  • Cleaning the home
  • Light grocery shopping

Nanny Housekeeper Pay Scale :

  • Live Out Nanny Housekeeper - £12.00 - £16.00 Gross per hour
  • Live In Nanny Housekeeper - £11.00 - £14.00 Gross per hour

Find me a Kinder Nanny Housekeeper!

Instruct us to search for you perfect Nanny candidates free of charge. Our highly competitive fee is only charged if you employ one of our candidates. Searching is free!

Answer my questions first...

Our friendly and professional team of nanny placement experts is available to you. Just call, email or message us.

Cute family of 3 at home

Mother's Help

A Mother's help is someone who will help in the home with childcare and housework. They do not have the training or experience to care for babies under the age of 2 yrs and their experience of pre-schoolers might also be limited, so think carefully before engaging a Mother's Help to have sole care of your little children, and they should not have sole care of babies.

What do mother's helps do?

Their duties include childcare and some housework; the split can be 70 / 30 -  if you require more housework then you probably need to consider housekeepers instead. Mother's help is either a way to gain experience in order to become a nanny, or it is something candidates do for a shortish time and is not part of their career path. These candidates often come from overseas and plan to be a mother's help for a year or so, maybe longer if they are happy and fulfilled in the job.

Pay scale for Live In Mother's Help :

  • 35 hrs p/w  £260 - £300 G p/w
  • 50 hrs p/w £375 - £420 G p/w


Nanny PA

Some families find they have a lot of extra tasks which the parents simply do not have time for, most commonly when both parents are working.

In addition to the normal nanny duties a nanny PA (Nanny Personal Assistant) can be expected to :

  • Take the family's clothes to the dry cleaners
  • Run local errands (collect items from pharmacy, drop something at someone's house)
  • Make appointments for family members (doctor / dentist etc)
  • Make simple bookings (theatre, train etc)
  • Simple letter writing
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Paying household bills
  • Liaise with school  /  nursery & children's clubs

Pay Scale of a Nanny PA

  • Live Out Nanny PA - £12.00 - £17.00 Gross per hour
  • Live In Nanny PA - £11.00 - £14.00 Gross per hour
happy young mother with a child

Bilingual Nanny

With Britain drawing employees from many countries, it is possible to find a native speaking nanny from many different countries - as long they have permission to work here in the UK (from an EU / EEA country or having access to an appropriate visa).

Many parents are keen for a 2nd language to be part of their children's every day lives - it's the easiest way to learn a language. It is also of course very beneficial to have contact with someone from a different culture, it certain makes the children more open minded.

KINDER can help you to find a bilingual nanny who speaks these languages:

  • French nanny (a nounou or assistante maternelle is particularly popular as we have many French or part French families)
  • Spanish nanny (niñera)
  • Italian nanny
  • German nanny (we have a good number of Kindermädchen /Kinderfrau on our books)
  • Russian nanny
  • Filipino nanny
  • Farsi speaking nanny
  • Hungarian speaking nanny
  • Polish speaking nanny
  • Arabic speaking nanny
  • Hindi speaking nanny
  • And also possible but less common :
  • Mandarin / Cantonese speaking nanny
  • Czech speaking nanny
  • Portuguese speaking nanny

Please enquire about other languages...


Short-term & Permanent Nannies

Most families set out to engage a long term nanny; they are usually looking for someone who will stay at least 2 years and preferably longer. This is normal. However, for a variety of reasons you may only need a nanny for a specific shorter term period, or a last minute emergency nanny.

Kinder Nannies has candidates who are happy to work for a family for a short time, or simply as a holiday nanny. Finding a holiday nanny in London is a particularly popular request. Some nannies are happy to take on short term contracts when they are between longer term nanny jobs. Shorter term nanny contracts tend to pay quite well.

How to book a holiday nanny or emergency nanny

The further in advance you tell us, the better able we will be to help you find your nanny. However, some life events you just cannot plan for. Get in touch to find out about our Nannies who can start now! Or simply register, if you'd like there to be no delay!

KINDER also places all types of nannies abroad.

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