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Part Time Nannies

If you are in need of a super part time nanny, then you will be glad you have come to Kinder Nannies! We have a wide selection of excellent part time nannies in London and can find you the right nanny, whether you need only 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week. Additionally we can help if you are looking for a Kinder nanny to cover only morning, or afternoons, weekends etc.

Points to bear in mind when considering engaging a nanny on a part-time contract:

  • Many nannies need or prefer a full time nanny job, however if they like your family/ the job you offer they may accept it and find a 2nd part-time nanny job to fit in with yours and to make up their hours (ie pay).
  • There are other nannies, who, due to other commitments (caring for family members or their own children) might prefer a part time role rather than working a 5 day week.
  • When engaging a nanny on a part time basis, it is helpful to understand what her/his preference is, so that you can ensure you are employing the right person and to give you the possibility of making adjustments to the role in order to keep your nanny long term.

Kinder Nannies will of course endeavour to ascertain nanny’s preference. If nanny needs a 2nd job to make up their weekly pay, then we will propose one of our other nanny positions as their secondary job.

Kinder Nannies has a large database of candidates throughout all areas of London, and the rest of the UK (and Internationally). We know which days/hours these nannies are looking for work, so that we can accurately match the days and hours of the nanny job you are offering with the nannies who are available to work at those times. We of course will also always match in terms of relevant experience and skills etc.

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It is completely Free to register with Kinder Nannies & Staff, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from sending us your Nanny Job Brief, or registering directly on our website. We will contact you and immediately start the search for your required candidate. Families only pay, when you have offered your job to one of our nanny candidates and they have accepted. Furthermore, you will find our nanny agency fees very affordable.

If you have any concerns, do not worry, our nanny recruitment service includes a Free Replacement Guarantee (Please read full terms in our terms and conditions)

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