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Need a qualified British nanny?

Kinder Nannies is proud to list many of the UK's best and most qualified British nannies on our books. These British nannies CVs are exemplary; many hold degrees and even Masters degrees in their chosen vocation, such as 'Early Childhood Education'.

We choose our British nannies not just for their experience, qualifications and skills, the right attitude is always at the heart of our decision. Our educated English nannies, are devoted and passionate child-carers. The mission is to help their young charges learn and develop into happy, confident and independent young people.

If you need a qualified British nanny, nanny-educator, governess, rota nanny or, maternity nurse, whether you are overseas, or in the UK, welcome to Kinder Nannies!

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High calibre and skilled British nannies

In the UK being a career nanny is far more than simply supervising the little ones, as a babysitter might. Our top British nannies have a degrees in childcare - including Norland Nannies and Chiltern Nannies, and are pro-active in their childcare.

Our international families often request a native English speaking nanny as they wish:

  • their children to be brought up bilingually and learn flawless fluent English.
  • to expose their children to perfectly correct 'Queen's English'.
  • nanny to teach their cultural values and with it some 'Britishness' to the children.
  • to employ a nanny who has been properly trained in children's early years development and nurture. Britain excels in training professional nannies.
  • British people are known to be adventures and are comfortable working overseas for a few years or more.

Good professional nannies can earn £1,200+ per week working in the UK (50 to 60 hours Monday to Friday). For this reason our top nannies need to be paid a good salary to work overseas. If a British nanny is working abroad then she/he will be far from friends and family and therefore needs a high salary to make the international job (versus the UK job) attractive.

In addition to a good salary of at least £1,250 per week (£65,000+ per year), international employers should offer benefits and good working conditions. A top English nanny will look for benefits such as:

  • private international health insurance
  • travel insurance,
  • return flights home each year,
  • bonuses,
  • regular pay reviews,
  • good quality private accommodation and facilities.
  • access to transport so that they can get around during their time off (car or access to chauffeur)
  • Minimum of 4 weeks annual leave.
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Top Nanny Jobs for experienced and qualified British nannies

Are you a nanny or maternity nurse looking for a super nanny job in the UK or abroad? Register with us today and within no time you could be on a new adventure.

Kinder Nannies and Staff offer some of the best nanny jobs; including, but not limited  to:

Our international positions range between:

  • Expat families working overseas
  • British family overseas needing an English speaking nanny, maternity nurse etc
  • Royal families overseas
  • Travelling or International nanny for UHNW families
  • Families primarily based in UK who run other homes overseas and frequently travel between then.
  • Families based overseas who travel globally between difference homes, and frequent holidays.

Kinder Nannies offer some amazing nanny positions in UK, Europe, Asia and USA.

Our families pay well / fairly and  working abroad can be an amazing adventure, as well as giving your nanny career and CV a huge boost.  Nannies who have  worked abroad and/ or in multi-staffed households can command higher salaries than those nannies without this experience.

If you are considering working overseas or for a VIP family, ensure you acquire training and qualifications to make your application stand out. Furthermore ensure you pass your driving test, take courses in children's early years development, healthy and hygienic food preparation, sleep etc. All these will have a positive affect on your career and your earning power.

Recruitment Consultant at Kinder

Find your experienced, first rate Kinder British Nanny

Our experienced professional team work for all families including UHNW, VIP, royalty, High Profile and professional families. Either directly or through your appointed EA, house manager, concierge service or family office.

Please call our agency at any time and an experienced consultant will be happy to explain how we can help you engage an exceptional British nanny.  Contact us by email or WhatsApp to schedule a phone call or video meeting.

We will be delighted to receive details of your requirements and to start to help you! Simply email with your brief.

A convenient time will then be arranged for a phone call, so you can ask us any questions before we start work selecting top British nannies for you.

Kinder Nannies agency service includes :

  • providing free expert advice as to the best solution or type of nanny or private staff for your circumstances
  • checking through the thousands of nannies on our own premium database for candidates best suited to your nanny job.
  • placing discreet adverts on appropriate nanny & private staff jobs boards world-wide to source new suitable experienced candidates for you.
  • providing you with our detailed interviewer reports on each top candidate we put forward to you.
  • providing you with a detailed synopsis of each candidate's credentials.
  • checking the references of the candidate's relevant previous jobs
  • we collate and check all related documents including, identity (passport), driving licence, qualifications, enhanced DBS, first aid etc.
  • arranging interviews for you and discuss with you any candidates in whom you could be interested.
  • advising you and handling salary negotiations on your behalf.
  • consultants continue to recruit for you until your position is filled.
  • providing a comprehensive employment contract template
  • providing a free replacement or partial refund, in the rare instances when this may be necessary
  • advising on the on-boarding of your new nanny.
  • remaining available to you and to your new employee, for advice or guidance, throughout the employment.

We offer a very tailored approach, which is bespoke to each family's circumstance and preferences.

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