Youth mobility visa- can younger EU workers come to UK

Young Europeans

Will European nannies and staff soon be able to come and work in the UK again.

Following on from our last post about the much hoped for possibility for European nationals to be able to access a visa to work in the UK. There is some potentially good news.

Extension of the current UK Youth Mobility Scheme to allow Europeans to come and work in the UK.

It was announced this weekend that:

The Home Office department of the UK government is considering plans to allow thousands of young Europeans to work in Britain for up to two years to address workforce shortages. These youth mobility schemes may primarily involve negotiations with Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain. The aim is to boost the economy without increasing net migration, which reached a record 606,000 last year.

The proposed agreements would be reciprocal, allowing young Britons to travel and work in other countries as well. Specific details like the length of stay, age criteria, and job opportunities would be tailored to each nation.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick are open to these proposals because, allegedly, young workers place less strain on public services. They have a history of compliance and don't significantly impact net migration.

However, negotiating deals with EU nations might be complicated, as Brussels insists on collective agreements across the EU bloc. Conservative former Cabinet minister George Eustice has called for the UK government to initiate talks with EU member states for reciprocal deals granting under-35s the right to two-year work visas.

This is not yet the solution which we in the international recruitment and staffing industry are looking for, but it would be a very positive step in the right direction.

Kinder Nannies works primarily with British, German, French, Spanish and Italian speaking nannies, and this would be good news for those European nannies who are keen to work for our excellent families in London and the UK. It would also mean that our much sought after British nannies can work in Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain as they were previously able to.

As a leading nanny & private staff agency - specialists in EU bilingual and international nannies - we are watching developments in post Brexit UK, immigration and visas closely.

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As described above, this is an area where regulation is changing and evolving. The above article is understood to be accurate at the time of writing, and is the author's interpretation of the current visa situation. For up to date information, please inform yourself at or contact an immigration specialist.