Choosing between a Junior Nanny and a Nanny

Choosing Junior Nanny or a  trained and experienced nanny can be a difficult decision for some parents.

Parents can struggle when it comes to making the right nanny decision for their family. Should they opt for an experienced, trained, qualified nanny who has vast amounts of knowledge, gleaned from  a career in childcare spanning many years? This nanny will know more than the parents themselves about childcare (not that this gives them more authority than the parents of course!).

Experienced Nanny

Nanny will have seen and dealt with every conceivable issue or problem a child can throw at them (hopefully not literally!) and will know how to best deal with those situations. An experienced, unflappable career nanny is a very attractive choice for parents looking for the seemingly illusive 'reliable, stable and stress-free childcare'.

The only issue really is the cost. A career nanny is looking after your children exclusively (unless you are conducting a nanny-share - more about that another time!). This comes at a cost. You are the employer, you have to pay an attractive salary to secure a high calibre nanny.- Just as you expect to be paid well in your career. Nannies also often work longer hours than the parents, as they need to be at the home before both parents can have set off for work. And remain until at least one parent returns.

Junior Nanny

A Junior Nanny's primary attribute might therefore be their lower salary expectations. The Junior Nanny is still learning, gaining experience and possibly still taking her/ his childcare qualifications. They are far more affordable to employ than an experienced nanny.

Whilst you weigh up the benefits and costs of choosing  a nanny or junior nanny it is critical to remember the following.

What is important

Do not put anyone in charge of your children who does not have enough experience with that age of child. Children are very different at each different age and stage. Someone who has only worked with 5-10 year olds is not reliably safe enough to be looking after toddlers and babies. Likewise, someone who only has experience looking after babies and toddlers will not know what to look out for when looking after older children; for example; climbing trees or safely searching the internet!

If there is to be shared care, it might be ok to employ a Junior Nanny with less experience. However you need to understand that you, or your other nanny, will be training them and they will be learning on the job! So, still no sole care.

Safety and happiness is of paramount important. Try to weigh up the pros and cons of a nanny vs. junior nanny whilst not compromising on those two criteria. 

Use your judgement!

If you would like to discuss this decision with anyone here at Kinder Nannies we would be very happy to help. We have plenty of free advice and are happy to assist! We have a good selection of Junior Nannies and experienced, qualified career nannies. For live in and live out positions.

We will help you to decide which option and which of our nannies might be most suitable for you. It may well be that you are not sure of your decision until you have interviewed one/ some of our experienced nannies and one/some of our junior nannies. That is fine and it is good to explore options if you are not completely sure, before making your final decisions.

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