International Nannies & Private Staff Placements

Kinder Nannies & Staff works with clients and candidates internationally.  Our clients value the first class service they receive, as well as our  highly sought after experienced, international nannies and private staff.

If you are looking to hire Staff or a Nanny Internationally, send us your brief requirements and we will send you candidates.

Our Nannies, tutors and higher grade private staff enjoy the challenge and excitement of working in a foreign country. Particularly since it is an amazing experience - and it looks great on the CV too! Furthermore, working abroad as an international nanny is a financially smart move, as overseas positions tend to pay especially well. Our clients notably appreciate British nannies, British tutors and our Household Managers.

KINDER jobs abroad are with 'expat' families who are overseas for just a few years. We also offer jobs with local families, many of whom are UHNW families (VIP families). Candidates have the choice of which jobs to apply for and full details are supplied by the employers and employees alike before acceptance.

KINDER staff agency has a wide selection of staff for positions abroad. We work with local or international families from USA (East and West coast), Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia. Our most popular international jobs are:

  • Kindermädchen /kinderfrau (Nanny) in Switzerland & Germany
  • Nanny in Dubai
  • Nanny in Monaco
  • Nanny in the Netherlands
  • Nanny who works for and travels with family to 2 r more homes (Europe & USA, or USA & Asia)


  • Tutor Governess in Dubai
  • Tutor Governess in Switzerland


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