COVID-19 and Childcare

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COVID-19 leads to rise in temporary nanny jobs.

As the effects of COVID-19 (aka Corona Virus) and the efforts to halt its spread sweeps through society, like a sledgehammer, we are all reeling from the shock.

The situation and newly imposed rules are changing by the minute, as each country, city, company and family takes action to safeguard its people, employees and society's elderly people.

I will not repeat here what we are told to do, and what symptoms to look out for, that is covered in detail on every news channel and magazine. We will focus on the affect this is having on parents, children and childcarers - in particular nannies.

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Contagious Covid-19 - What do we know? :

  1. Working parents are being told to work from home, if they can.
  2. Schools and nurseries are open but we know it is only a matter of time before they are forced to close for an indefinite period of time.
  3. People with symptoms which could be COVID-19 are being asked to self-isolate.
  4. We are told that it is a relatively mild illness for most, but can be fatal for elderly, particularly those with underlying health issues (well, that's many in this category)
  5. The situation will worsen and will continue for some time before we stop its spread or develop a workable cure/vaccine.
  6. It will end, at some point.
  7. In the meantime, expect incredible change to our way of living, to shopping, travel, socialising, working, hobbies... really every aspect of our lives, globally.

What does Covid-19 mean for Nannies and Childcare?

Many parents who work in an office are being asked to work from home. On the one hand this could mean for some parents that they might not need their nanny or other childcare arrangements. However, that would only be for parents whose children are of an age where they do not require much supervision.  Working from home and looking after children are 2 different things, which cannot really be combined. It could be that many parents will do this however, and maybe manage to reduce their working day to enable them to look after the children for part of the day.

For many other working parents, the if the schools and nurseries of their young children close, they will have an immediate childcare requirement. Either these parents can take time off work, maybe arrange a childcare rota with other local parents, or try their best to work alongside looking after the children (sorry, that's impossible for me!).

The Double Whammy effect of COVID-19 and the grandparent generation in isolation

Who are the first people we as parents turn to when we need a bit of extra support and childcare? Our own parents - the children's grandparents! For most grandparents this is something they greatly enjoy, they love to be helpful/ useful and they adore spending time with their grandchildren, but this is a cruel situation where we are needing to protect the very people we would like to ask to help us.

So, now that the grandparents cannot, who will look after our children?

Childcare requirements are changing in direct response to Covid-19; the immediate effects and economic longer term impacts.

We are already seeing changes, both in longer term childcare requests (somewhat fewer) and shorter term (far more). Parents know that they will soon be at home with the children, it's just a  matter of time and those without a nanny or other convenient back up arrangement are already on the look out for a temporary nanny. Fortunately Kinder Nannies has plenty of fabulous short term nannies available and able to start now, throughout all areas of London, home counties and wider afield.

Nannies who would ordinarily only accept a stable long term position, are now becoming more open to a shorter term role, as parents and employers consider the longer term economic ramifications of 'Corona-Virus' and the impact this global shut-down may have on the jobs market and pay.

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  • Many nannies are also happy to take your dog out for a walk - particularly if combined with getting the chilren into the fresh air!
  • We have nannies available for 12 hour days or 6 hour days, 1 day per week or 5 days per week.

Is your children's school is setting copious amounts of homework to be completed from home?

We have nannies with strong enough academic backgrounds to be able to help your child with the school work they will no doubt be set when their schools close.

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If you / your family is in isolation (either self imposed or not) you may wish to engage one of our remote temporary on-line tutors. Find out more about remote covid era online Video tutoring for your school aged children at home.

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You think you may have COVID-19 'Corona Virus'?

It goes without saying that no one should hire a nanny, or permit their nanny to work for them, for any length of time, if someone in the household is currently suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

Likewise a nanny who thinks they may have contracted the virus should not go to work for a family but immediately self isolate (sick pay is available).

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