Key points when advertising your nanny job

Nanny Job Advertising, to find the best nannies

6 key points to consider when creating your nanny job advert, to find the best nanny for your family.

  1. You are looking for the best nanny, but the reverse is also true, the ‘best’ nannies are also looking for the ‘best’ jobs/employers. How you describe your nanny vacancy and your family will immediately effect how successful your advertising is in attracting the best nannies. This can make the difference between receiving many applications or no applications at all.
  2. Trying to get a nanny on the cheap will not work; as good nannies know their worth and will not respond to job ads where the salary is indicated lower than market rate. Not sure what the market rate is? Best speak to a few big nanny agencies, as they will really know the actual rates achieved recently accepted by professional nannies. - Friends sometime brag that they engaged super nanny on a low salary – that is unlikely! And honestly, 95% of the time you get what you pay for, even with nannies.
  3. Good nannies respond to job adverts which provide plenty of detail. Not only does this give nannies a very good idea of what your nanny job entails, but it shows that you care, that finding the right nanny (not just any nanny) is important to you and that you have a thorough understanding of what tasks and responsibilities you will be giving your nanny. This gives the nanny clarity and a great insight into your job and assures them that you are a good employer.
  4. When advertising and interviewing for a new nanny, make sure you are aware of anti-discrimination regulation. There are many questions you cannot ask, such as their age, smoking habits, marital status, ethnicity, their plans to have children, or if they already have children. Particularly if you have come from another country with different laws, you might not be aware of what we can and cannot advertise and ask in the country you are employing in.
  5. Salary, there is no point advertising your nanny job with a low salary, even if you know you will pay more if you find a good nanny, because the good nannies will not apply in the first place. We find that it is better to offer a range in salary, that way you are not committing to paying a high salary for a more junior nanny, whilst you are still attracting the top nanny talent with the higher end of your salary range.
  6. Nannies will look through many nanny vacancy listings, make yours attractive and stand out. Are you genuinely a kind and flexible family who sees their nanny almost as part of the family? Let them know! Do you pay Christmas bonuses, offer use of the car outside work hours, gym membership or extra holidays? – if you do, let them know! Or maybe your last nanny stayed with you for 5 years – again, that speaks volumes!

Remember, it is just as important to a nanny to make the right decision in who will be their next employer. They generally do not like to chop and change their nanny jobs, as this is unsettling and furthermore terrible for their CVs. They are looking for longevity and a happy, long term employment potential is important.

If you’re not an expert recruiter yourself and you are already busy with a full time job and or full time family, then consider using a trusted agency like Kinder Nannies and Staff to find your perfect nanny for you. We will help or write your job description and do all the advertising and salary negotiations for you. You remain in charge, but all the hard work is taken care of!

Kinder Nannies can start your search today, we only charge a nominal registration fee (currently £65+vat in the UK) and we start sending you professional nanny profiles, which match your requirements, almost immediately. All candidates have references and background checks completed by the agency.

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