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Our VIP and UHNW families need to find the very best rota nannies to care for their children. It’s a big claim to say that we are the agency with the best rota nannies! To expand on this; we are confident that we are the agency with the best skills and experience to identify the very best qualified and suitably matching rota nannies for our families. This means we will put forward only the highest quality candidates when you come to Kinder Nannies looking for a great rota nanny, or team of rota nannies.

What do we look for in a top rota nanny?

As an international agency working with the very best nanny talent, we look for these qualities in the first instance:

  1. Outstanding CV; this will include previous and recent rota nanny positions within similar VIP / multi-staffed homes, where this rota nanny has stayed in the role for a good length of time.
  2. Excellent references; ones which leave us in no doubt at all that the nanny did excellent work in their previous jobs. Verbal and written.
  3. Clean criminal background check – of course! Up to date paediatric First Aid certificate.
  4. Great education; the nanny will be well educated themselves and will most likely have a university degree and a masters degree. Nanny will usually have a degree or similar qualification in childcare or early childhood development. This demonstrates their interest in the area and that they have professional skills and tools to help your children in their development, particularly useful if they are gifted, or have any special needs or if you simply want to get them off to the very best start in life and educational career.
  5. We make sure that the rota nannies we send to you will have previous experience in the areas you need. For example if you travel frequently, we will suggest to you nannies who have previously travelled with their employers, so that they know what this involves, and have the required skills.
  6. Evidence of an interesting, well rounded personality. We look for rota nannies who have achieved something themselves. They have pushed themselves to achieve something remarkable and will be able to understand your ambitions for your children and are best placed to inspire and encourage your children.
  7. Evidence that they have energy and resilience. This is needed for the long hours a rota nanny will work. Furthermore, a cheerful disposition and a can do attitude is another essential.
To conclude:

We get excited about nannies who pass our selection tests, meet the criteria above and interview really well. Lastly, these nannies must demonstrate that they are prepared to, and have previously always worked very hard, been very flexible and resilient (since vip family lives do not always run smoothly), and were prepared to step in or change their own plans  at short notice. Would you agree?

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A few essential qualities which top rota nannies must possess:

Be a genuine team player. Make an effort to get on with other staff. Go out of their way to solve problems before the employers even know there was one. Put the employers and staff team first before their individual needs. – Why would they do this? Because creating a cohesive, supportive staff team environment is super important in private staff and households and top rota nannies who help achieve this are extremely well paid in return.

Kinder Nannies and Staff works with VIP, UHNW, Royalty and Celebrity families internationally. We have the experience and access to the top international rota nannies and will find you the very best rota nannies for your children and your employers’ children.

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Kinder Nannies and Staff is a London based international nanny agency, accredited by ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies). Arrange to speak to a senior placement consultant and find out how we can help you find the perfect rota nanny or team of rota nannies to fit your circumstances - whatever they are.

Our experienced team guarantees complete privacy and discretion. We regularly sign NDAs. If you appoint an EA, Family Office, or concierge, we are happy to work with them.

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