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Thinking about employing a Full Time Live In Nanny?

A nanny is a professional childcarer who looks after your children in your own home. It is a very bespoke solution and one which is favoured by many parents, as their child or children will receive one to one attention by a caring and experienced child-carer. A nanny is the closest alternative to children being looked after by the parents themselves. In many families the parents work and they need someone who is trained, experienced and genuinely loves children to care for their children as they would their own. The best solution is to find an experienced, Kind and caring Nanny.Family, outside their house

Families can also require the help of a nanny, full or part-time, where only one parent is working, but where they work very long hours and there is no other support, a nanny may be required. These families also find it enormously helpful to have a part-time or full-time nanny - particularly in the early years when children require a lot of attention (playing, taking to the park, meal preparation)

Our Kinder Nannies are ready to help in whichever capacity you need them; 6 hours day, 12 hours day, 3 days per week, or 5 ...  Our Kinder Nannies can live in with you, for ultimate convenience, or they may live out, ensuring you have complete privacy when nanny is not working.

Live In Nanny? Live Out Nanny?

You most likely already have an idea which arrangement is your preference, or maybe you are not yet entirely decided, see here

Live In / Residential Nanny

family at home together on the floorIt's fair to say that this is more often the family's preference than the nanny's. The advantages for the family include:

  • Peace of mind to know that nanny will never be late for work.
  • and also to know that nanny might not mind too much if you are home 10 minutes late (although this can be a bug bear!).
  • Expectation (hope) that a live in nanny will prioritise you above other commitments.
  • Putting a spare bedroom or annexe to good use makes financial sense. Also, it helps to have the house 'looked after' when the family is away but the nanny is not, making burglary less likely.
  • Convenience when needing babysitting.
  • For the convenience derived from the live-in arrangement it is comparatively inexpensive compared to a live-out nanny.
Nanny's thoughts on the subject...

Having nanny living in may be almost perfect for the family, but it is not always Nanny's preferred choice, for very much the same reasons which make it ideal for the family.

  • Nanny does not want to be on permanent 'stand-by' but wants clear separation between working time and free time.
  • Your nanny does not relish regularly working an extra 10, 15 or 30 minutes when the parent/s return home late from work.
  • She/ he may prefer to have a complete separation between work and home life, by not living at work.
  • Your nanny, like any other adult, values their independence and to feel that they can invite friends and 'let their hair down' should they wish to, without possible scrutiny.
Positives for Nanny in a residential position:

It's not all negatives of course! Nanny also benefits considerably from the convenience of living-in.

  • No commute! Thus saving a lot of money AND time which is particularly beneficial to nannies, many of whom are working long days of 10-12 hrs.
  • Free accommodation; many nanny families live in areas where rents are particularly high. Living with the family not only saves a lot of money, but can enable nanny to make considerable savings.
  • The family may live in an area where nanny could not afford to live, living in permits nanny to live in an otherwise inaccessible area.

If you do opt for a live in nanny for the many great reasons listed above, simply be mindful of nanny's possible concerns (also listed above) to ensure a happy working arrangement.

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