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Super Nanny is paid Super well!

Much has been made in the media, in recent times, of the rise of the ‘super nanny’ or of the specialist nanny. Journalists have been noticing nanny job ads asking for a nanny with a particular set of skills or qualifications, such as a ski or swim instructor, or bilingual English/ Mandarin nanny for example. They report that some nannies are being paid salaries of £80- £100,000 per year and are receiving extraordinary gifts from their employers, such as Rolex watches, cars and even a small house. Some nannies receive over £100,000 per year.

The numbers of Nannies on high salaries is increasing

Whilst it is fairly well known that these heights in nanny pay can be achieved in some positions overseas, in the Gulf States, in Russia or maybe in Switzerland, it has not been so common for nannies to earn this high level of pay in the UK. However, as the proportion of very wealthy UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) families increases, and as the rich become richer, so too will this have an effect on the salaries of the staff they employ and depend on.
Put into perspective, it is actually not at all surprising that highly skilled and qualified nannies, working long hours, are being extremely well paid. With the parents being very busy in their work and social lives, it falls to the nannies to provide round the clock care, love and attention to their children.

If you are not able to be with your children all the time, then you too would pay well to employ the very best childcarers to look after and nurture your children in your absence – if you could afford it.
If you have the means, then you too might ask for an exceptional nanny, who will set exemplary high standards in all matters concerning decorum, manners, etiquette and speaking. Furthermore, you would ensure that the person employed to help you to raise your children will be sufficiently skilled in several areas to give your children exposure to a broad range of sports, music, culture and other experiences and ideas.

Can any nanny be a super nanny?

Super nannies, who are rewarded with super salaries, are at the very pinnacle of what you can expect from a nanny. These nannies are more than a cut above the average. VIP nannies are not only required to have an excellent education and enviable skill set, they also need to work very long hours. It is common for nannies to be required to work a 12+ hour day, which is a lengthy 60+ hour week, particularly in London, where the parents

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may have a long commute. However, a nanny working for a UHNW family will often be on duty for up to 80 hours per week, or even 24/7. They are expected to work at the weekends, or until late at night and indeed might need to be available up to 24 hours per day. Naturally this type of work needs to be appropriately rewarded, in other words well paid, otherwise it would not attract the necessary high calibre nanny who accepts to work all those hours.

What does a Super Nanny do?

A typical ‘super nanny’ job is one working for a UHNW family, which may also be described as a VIP family or High Profile family. They would often be required to work in a multi-staffed household, where the family also employs people in a range of household staff positions such as house manager, butler, chef or chauffeur. Often the nanny job is working alongside other nannies, as part of a team of nannies and also with tutors or governesses. Where the family has several children they very often employ more than 1 nanny. To enable the 24/7 coverage a VIP family will often hire rota nannies. Here each nanny will work 24/7 for 2 or 3 weeks, before taking time off as the 2nd rota nanny takes over.

Good nannies working full time in the London area are quite easily earning £800 £1,000 per week. When they work abroad they will earn more, or substantially more.

What else separates Super Nannies from normal nannies?


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These wealthy families also tend to travel more than most. They may keep homes in other countries, have frequent business trips abroad or frequent holidays. A nanny engaged by this type of 'vip' employer will need to be happy to accompany the family and children overseas. An employer will therefore look to employ a nanny who has experience with travelling and is comfortable meeting people from other cultures and possibly speaks several languages. The nanny will need to continue the child’s routine wherever they go, be responsible for all the children’s packing beforehand and settle the children quickly at the destination. This includes managing the children’s social lives abroad and researching to find interesting sporting and educational activities and day trips for the children.
The ‘high profile’ nanny is therefore required to possess as many soft skills as learned skills.

Which Nanny Agency should I use to find a Super Nanny?

Soft skills are more difficult to acquire and are more challenging to identify. This is where a good or luxury nanny agency, such as Kinder Nannies, will really come into its own. The nanny recruitment consultants work with top nannies and families (including PA's, concierge services and Family Offices) day in and day out and soon learn to be able to quickly identify a candidate’s soft skills. Key soft skills such as personality traits, attitudes, social skills, your accent, work ethic, self-confidence, diplomacy and time keeping make a vast difference in success of your nanny recruitment.

Do Super Nannies really need to be paid that much?

A good nanny will mean the world to your children. Not only now, but the result of having had a top class nanny will stay with them throughout their lives. It affects their emotional and mental well-being and security, just as much as their development as well rounded and learned individuals.

Whilst the children’s parents are frequently unavailable due to work or

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social engagements, nanny will be their main carer, the person who will care for the when they are ill, whom they can also confide in, but whom will also discipline them and help develop their social and intellectual skills. Children will respect, adore and love their nanny and this, along with the security they give to the children makes them invaluable employees to the family. If the children do not feel this way, then they do not have the right nanny and this needs to be addressed.

If the parents are happy with the work that their nanny does and the children are happy with the nanny then the parents will try to ensure that nanny stays with them for as long as possible. And this is why the families are happy to be very high salaries to their best nannies, if they can. In addition to their salaries they will receive bonus payments, gifts, and many other perks.
In conclusion the highest paid nannies are of the highest calibre of nanny, the ‘uber nanny’. This nanny could have sought a highly paid position in another industry but has chosen the domestic childcare industry out of their love of children and interest in caring for and educating children and looking after their well-being.
A high calibre nanny, working as a ‘vip nanny’ is paid well in order to attract them to the position and to motivate them to stay with the family, in particular with the children for the long term.

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